@esvrld @Excuse_haver
I guess you gotta distract from the name somehow when you're talking about the hairy ball theorem

@Aleums @Ophillous like some kind of Sisyphus shit. Forever putting on jorts and you never reach the bottom.

@Aleums this post is an enigma to me because it says it's a reply but I can't see one and I cannot understand it without some cryptic context

@Excuse_haver if a topologist wore pants would they wear it like this or this?

@Excuse_haver What next? They'll get an infinite number of combs and demonstrate the Cantor set?

🤔 what happens if we rotate each pant 90 degrees?

I was thinking more like a pants Christmas tree, because they're growing downwards, not sideways.

@Excuse_haver If a topology wore pants would it wear them like this or like this.

@Excuse_haver if topologists wore pants would they wear them like this or like this

@Excuse_haver once you see the fractal genitalia implicit in this diagram, you can't unsee

@Excuse_haver if a pants wore pants would it wear it like this or like this or like this or like this or

@Dayglochainsaw @Excuse_haver Stealing jokes is a time-honored tradition here on Mastodon dot business. For example, here's a joke I just stole:

turban sage

@Excuse_haver But where do the Feet come out of the infinite Pants topology?

It's the wrong Trousers, Gromit!

gonna have to ask that Professor One Leg Trouser Pant to explain.



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