@Excuse_haver i'm trying to capture the essence of why this is so funny but i keep looking at it again and fucking losing it

@seafrog yeah I think there are multiple things going on. He’s this incredibly powerful person who’s helplessly trapped behind a regular office door.

Also he’s the freaking pope, his whole life is a museum, but he’s in like a community college classroom.

Also I mean his face.

@Excuse_haver @seafrog he's a symbol of a powerful religious order who's supposed to be directly connected to god - and he's infected with a virus and isolated behind an office door.

This photo will be with us for ages.

@Excuse_haver @seafrog (as a side note, I actually like the guy. But really, look at this photo)

@polychrome @Excuse_haver i suppose this is the actual pope and not his jonathan pryce body double

@Excuse_haver the Pope stares at you with soulless eyes from behind the quarantine

@a_breakin_glass the vibe I get is: “you really think this puny glass can contain me?”

@Excuse_haver @a_breakin_glass the 101 also holds some symbolism behind I think. Somewhere I read about this in the past..I need to research about it again..

@Excuse_haver I don't know why this reminds me a bit of that Adam Sandler film about a dodgy jewellery con man.

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