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@Anke #Icelandic
raven - hrafn (m)
crow - kráka (f)
carrion crow - svartkráka [black crow] (f)
hooded crow - grákráka [gray crow] (f)
rook - bláhrafn [blue raven] (m)
jackdaw - dvergkráka [dwarf crow] (f)
jay - skrækskaði (m)
Eurasian jay - Evrasískur skrækskaði
blue jay - dunno, bláskrækskaði? :)
magpie - skjór (m)

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#German #corvids #vocabulary

raven - der Rabe
crow - die Krähe
carrion crow - die Aaskrähe
hooded crow - die Nebelkrähe (lit "fog crow")
rook - die Saatkrähe (lit. "seed crow")
jackdaw - die Dohle
jay - (roughly but not exactly) der Häher
Eurasian Jay - der Eichelhäher (die Eichel = acorn)
blue jay - der Blauhäher
magpie (roughly but not exactly) die Elster
#birds #language

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Hi there :mastodon:
I'm Alfredo F, a portuguese design enthusiast, and passionate about the GNU/Linux world. I've been focus on creating wallpapers for both desktop and mobile, as also themes for plank dock.
All my work is created with free and open-source software (FOSS).
Give me a shout out and follow the links 🙂

🌐 my blog:
:paypal: Tip jar:

#MastoArt #Art #Creative #creativetoots #wallpaper #mobile #plank #photography #photo #linux #foss

Feels like we're getting less engagement since moving to Mastosocial and Masto dot at shutting down. Wonder why :/

Also from us, more new by @JubalBarca, based on Zedeck Siew's Malaysian folklore inspired D&D module Lorn Song of the Bachelor. Hope you enjoy it :)

2/2 But then doing that without having the converse relatable homely aspects, while understandable if places are discussed mainly through understandings of their heroic mythologies and folklore, can still be quite othering. It's much easier to think of and imagine monstrous creatures or heroes from non-Euro settings than it is to think of those settings' gentle hobbitish character equivalents. But there's no reason why those shouldn't exist, quite the reverse.

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Thought: one thing fantasy maybe doesn't do enough is make its homely/easily-accessible groupings non-European. Like, generally fantasy settings are doing slowly better at being less Eurocentric & using non-European mythos, but it's often done as power fantasy, emphasising the most imposing symbols and creatures of a given culture to try and put them on a strength footing with the dragons and gryphons etc of Eurocentric settings. 1/2

We're doing a quick test run of jitsi to maybe do some Exilian chat meetups with in the future. If you want to join anytime in the next couple hours, private message us for the link, @JubalBarca will be hosting, basically all welcome. :)

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I can't reasonably convey how broken we've made videogames in the past ten years that 400 copies in three days is seen as a complete disaster.

I sold 1 in my first month and nearly crapped the bed with excitement but we've embedded go big, go Steam, bet on one game so deeply that things are this broken.

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The pirates had followed the magyk compass for months, through strange, impossibly exotic locations, discovering the myths they believed and feared to be true, yet overcoming each one together.

Finally, they reached The Spot. They began digging at dawn; and gave up for the day at sunset.

"Maybe friendship be the treasure?" offered the cabin boy.

They all paused, then simultaneously swore.

For indeed, that was the treasure they had found.

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Good Morning Fediverse!
What are your plans for today?🌤️

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⌛ 📚 💀 🖤 ✨

Only 1 day left to get any and all of my books for free on!

After that they will go back to costing money, which I am very in need of right now :oh_no:

So act quickly to get my weird stories of necromancy and friendship!

(you can choose to tip for them if you prefer!)

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Say hello to my spiny little friend!

Had a lovely encounter with an echidna down the road this evening. Wandered right towards me before booping me in the arm.

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Another self portrait done at the beginning of the year with acrylic ink. This one's a little more optimistic I think. :blobcatheart: :blobcatsip: #mastoart #creativetoots #IndigenousArtists #acrylicink

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Today I tested out the new save system. This means I've had to create a *lot* of new save files

Mr. Mayor, this is like the 30th time you've seen me today. I think it's safe to say I'm not here to hurt anyone!

| | | |

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How about a fantasy kingdom with a recursive currency
7 Coppers = 1 Silver
12 Silver = 1 Gold
10 Gold = 1 Copper

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