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I finally got on that trans t-shirt meme. Took me long enough!

Love ya all. ❤

So @Guncannongirl and I just binge-watched the entire new She-Ra series this weekend and it was TOTALLY AWESOME.

got me this TOTALLY AWESOME mousepad and dice bag for my birthday with art she did of my D&D character and me, and it even matches the dice I use from


I'm working on a first-person roguelite dungeon crawler in . Made a lot of progress on the dungeon generator (all in GDScript) over the weekend!

Rooms and passageways are placed. Next up is adding locked doors and keys.

I finally got around to watching Get Out! It was really good!

This month marks a full year since I gave up drinking for good. 🎉

I joined another D&D campaign. Online TTRPGs are starting to become my life.

I drew my new character, a Yuan-Ti Warlock. Her patron is a unicorn and her favorite spell is Raspberry Panzerfaust.

(That spell isn't real, but I did go with the celestial patron.)

I can probably just pull in the 4th edition rule about max parryable weapon weight, but I wonder what else is missing.

Oh wait a sec. That applies only to parrying, so the players could still use a shield or buckler or something to block the giant robot super sword or whatever.

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Still reading rules so I can run that Mecha campaign, but apparently in 3rd edition GURPS you can parry a mech's punch or other melee attack with a dagger.

Maybe I should switch to 4th, but I kinda don't want to convert stuff in the Mecha sourcebook (which is for 3rd)?

Got some minor work done on my MOD player. Eventual goal is to expand it to support XM format too!

Trying to set up a GURPS 3rd Ed game with some friends. It's a really rules heavy system, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to keep all these various +/- in my head for every possible situation it calls out specifically in the rules. There are a LOT of them.

I tried to distill the GURPS Lite rules down into a cheat sheet, but even that's pretty long (not counting character gen).

Any experienced GURPS players have any tips?

It's a good thing we got a ton of these things left over from California wildfire season preparations.

I guess this is life in the 2020s.

Scrolling is more smooth in real life, I swear.

Video is from late last night.

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Current status of the Epic Catalog Clone for the .

The software side is "done", and it just needs to be filled with more colorful ANSI art. Also, the binary can produce an empty version of itself to fill with a new set of art, for anyone who wants to make their own!

Being reminded that a little exercise goes a long way. Morning jumping jacks have doubled in under a week. Push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches are getting easier. I'm not even pushing myself hard, but still getting some big improvement. It'd be nice to end with an exercise habit.

Everyone's always wondering if the future's going to be like Ghost in the Shell, but Masamune Shirow got it right with one of his earlier works: Dominion.

Think about it. Everyone's running around in masks for breathing, and the police force is super over-militarized already.

Uh oh. has a ton of really useful adjustment layers. Might have to rethink my loyalty to .

Screenshots from our game last night. is working out really well for us! I gotta admit, I was skeptical about it at first, but it's going great!

Game run by @Guncannongirl, who did a ton of amazing custom art for boards and characters.

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