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I finally got on that trans t-shirt meme. Took me long enough!

Love ya all. ❤

Apologies for the delay!

For today's stream I'm finally moving forward on some game dev work I've been planning. Specifically, I'm going to try getting a VTuber lore game done. (Or at least started on!)

Today's stream will be delayed a bit because I'm still in a Pathfinder session.

We'll be taking a break from Doom for today and switching to some gamedev. (I've been putting off getting an actual gamedev stream done because Hideous Destructor is too much fun.)

Side note, the DM and some of the other players have given me the go-ahead to stream Pathfinder. Not going to do it this session, but maybe in the future, if anyone would be interested!

We're finally doing it! Today we're tackling the Plutonia Experiment from Final Doom with Hideous Destructor! And with some help from @pileofsecrets to do it!

We're going to die a lot, but come by for some co-op Doom goodness!

Check out prettyFist's stream of it, too!

Morning sketch-stream results!

Sadly, today marks the end of LGBTQ+ Pride Month. But it is also a time to celebrate, because entering July marks the start of LGBTQ+ WRATH MONTH!

So prettyFist ( and I are doing a collab stream over the weekend where we try to tackle Plutonia (Final ) with Hideous Destructor in co-op.

We did a quick little test to hammer out any issues in advance, and I'd say it went pretty well!

... I lost a *lot* of blood.

(CW: Blood, eye contact.)

Morning sketch stream results!

I'm going to keep drawing them and nobody can stop me.

(Sorry this one was a little late out the door. Forgot to post it right after the art stream!)

Going live with some more Hideous Destructor! Come watch me die horribly again and again and again and...

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@ExpiredPopsicle The cool thing is the user can choose the moderator. This means that people can pick whom to trust to protect them.

It’s like picking a country to live in based on the laws there.

Going live with some more more Hideous Destructor! Might turn into a game dev stream later, but for now... Dooooooooom!

I did manage to do the morning art stream yesterday.

I know the mood was a heck of a downer. I declined to post the art yesterday in favor of just taking a mental health break from social media.

Here it is, along with the tumblr post that inspired it.

Morning sketch-stream results!

Catgirl in power-armor! Why? BECAUSE I CAN.

(CW: Gore.)

All that within an hour and a half, including the drawing. Sheesh.

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- Installed flatpak version of OBS. Copied over my old config.
- Manually updated every browser source because I was relying on a plugin before and the flatpak version has browsers built-in.
- That worked!

And finally...

- Drew a damn picture on-stream.

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- Installed dependencies for any scripts that could run in Python 3.10.
That fixed my twitch redeem bot, my VMC filter I made to tweak the eye movement, my text overlay image generator, and the music playlist system.
- Just made OpenSeeFace run with Python 3.9. Fixed, for now.

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- OBS now broken. Twitch viewers see black screen with spinny circle.
- OpenSeeFace now broken - no onnxruntime support in 3.10!?!?!?
- Switched to backup setup on a Windows laptop. Also broken - no camera input for some reason.
- Switched back to Linux.

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Here's my morning postmortem...
- Updated OBS because I saw someone using a new feature that looked cool. Can't even remember what it was now.
- OBS update caused Python 3.9 -> 3.10 update. All my own stream-related scripts now broken (package dependencies in 3.10 not installed).

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Well heck. I managed to power through the scuff. Got a different version of OBS installed, fixed all my Python scripts, fixed up all my broken sources from the update, and managed to get a quick frustration doodle hammered out.

After talking about it, so many others in the chat seemed to tell such similar stories, so I suspect it might resonate with a few others out there. So, for anyone who's going through it right now: I just want you to see that you aren't alone. 🏳️‍⚧️ ❤️

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I talked a bit about my coming out during the sketch stream, what lead up to it, how I interacted with online trans groups while I was closeted, and overcoming the fear that kept me from living as my true self for so long. So I'm going to link the VOD:

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eye contact 

Thanks, Tom and Penny Jolly, my parents, for being with me through this, for accepting me when I came out of the closet. I owe you two so much, and I'm so happy to still have you both in my life.

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