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I finally got on that trans t-shirt meme. Took me long enough!

Love ya all. ❤

Had another range day with the @BayAreaSRA on Saturday! Got to bring out my old SKS that I haven't shot in years. My 1911 kept stovepiping. Also brought the first AR-15 I ever built. Still shoots well, but the rear sight is messed up. Fun day with some awesome people, regardless!

In a shocking twist that will surprise no one, another thing on my Jeep broke on the way back from BLFC.

A fuse was blown. There may have been water seeping in from the rain that got on some of the electronics. This should be fun to track down.

I did some last minute badges for a couple of friends and tried to stick to the fantasy theme they have this year.

It would have been unsafe to try to take a picture when it actually happened, but my YJ and I had a very important moment in our relationship on this trip.

Is Telegram already buckling under the force of ?


The road to Reno from the California bay area has some pretty intense weather (for a Californian) at the moment. For any bay area friends heading to , stay safe! Pack some tire chains.

I realized I haven't shared a pic of this Jeep I keep posting about. It doesn't look as fun with the top up, though, so here's an old pic from the last time I was driving it regularly.

I don't have any children, so this is my equivalent to subjecting everyone to baby photos.

My '89 YJ has resumed its daily driver status, after sitting around needing repairs for almost an entire year. Now I'm waiting for the weather to get consistently warm and dry enough to take the top and doors off for summer.

Playa dust from Burning Man 2016 is an ongoing issue.

I wonder if you could build an entire aftermarket Jeep just from the parts in the Omix-Ada catalog.

Anyway, the new temp and oil pressure gauges are in, and my YJ is happy again. <3

Ready for the road trip to .

If I hadn't been pulled over, I would have been waiting for something in the mail that was never going to come. What a mess.

Final Jeep update: Got pulled over today for expired tags (it's okay, had a moving permit) but I found out from the cop that the registration did *not* go through like the DMV said when they told me (in person) to wait for tags in the mail.


In a final "fuck you for owning a Jeep" from the state of California, it seems that I have to wait weeks for a new registration tag to arrive by mail.

OMG! The YJ passed smog!

Not actually what I was expecting. Pleasantly surprised.

Still ended up having to pull up all kinds of extra info on the TBI kit, but I'll take it.

Speaking of the 89 YJ... Do you know how hard it is to find a smog place (CA) that'll test a vehicle with an aftermarket TBI kit, even when the kit *is* CARB certified?

I just asked 3 different places and none of them want to touch it, even though they're "START Certified".

I finally fixed the sticky throttle on my 89 YJ.

In the parking lot of a shop to get a totally unrelated fix to pass smog so I can finally drive this thing again after... uh... 9 months of having expired tags?

This thing is a colossal pain in the ass, but it's still my baby.

'scuse the spam. Just going through account verification.

Now that the weather's warming up, I am way too excited about the existence of cutoff jean shorts.


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