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I finally got on that trans t-shirt meme. Took me long enough!

Love ya all. ❤

I composed my first song under a month ago, so it's all pretty rough still.

I've been using LMMS to do most of it (everything I posted here).

I've always been awful at music composition, and every time I tried it would end up bad, I'd get discouraged, and give up.

After Magwest I wanted to break that wall, so I've been trying to compose a song each day since.

I just posted some of the results!

Cops just forced me out of my house at 3:30am and handcuffed me, and my girlfriend, and made us stand out in the cold, naked and shivering, while they figured their shit out.

Thanks, SCPD!

The dashcam is an older Cobra one. I can't remember the exact model, but I think it's time to replace it with one with a higher FOV, which also has a rear-facing view. That would have made the whole situation much clearer.

Oh yeah. So this happened on the way home yesterday. (1:50)

He was behind me when I stopped at the crosswalk. Tried to get around me to pass, cut off a semi truck, slammed the brakes when he realized there were people coming, and the predictable happened.

Okay. I figured it out. The secret trick to beating CA bay area traffic!

Leave for work at 4am, at least no later than 5am. Go home around 1pm. Only works if you have an employer with enough respect for your time that they don't have draconian core hours

... But I'm so tired

Lying in @guncannongirl 's arms while just hacking on gamedev stuff this weekend was the best thing ever.

<3 <3 <3

I'm still slowly porting all the old Lua code to Ninkasi. I have one big chunk left, which is the final boss of my test level, and it does its state machine via coroutines. It's really nicely laid out and linear in the Lua, but Ninkasi doesn't support coroutines.

And "another function" can mean another callable object with attached data, so they can be chained together, which is kinda cool.

I guess I've sort-of implemented a kind of std::bind in my scripting system.

My scripting system didn't have closures but I kept cramming more data through my callbacks (like entity tick cb, hit response cb, etc). So I made it so objects can be called like functions with some attached data as the first argument to redirect to another function.

It's like a finely-aged, unopened bottle of GPG key.

I finally recovered a GPG private key from 2008 that was on an ancient HD backup. I never set it to expire, I never really used it besides uploading to a keyserver, and I don't have any reason to believe it's been compromised but I should probably revoke it anyway.

After years of attending and never being able to stay in the Gaylord, I finally managed to get a room in the convention center itself. AWESOME!

It's been almost 4 years working on my sh'mup and my only art in the game is a single sprite with "ugly placeholder" handwritten with a mouse on a magenta background. My old renderer was too complicated to easily add sprite resources to, so it never really got more than that.

Spent night working on the sh'mup game again. Rewriting all the old Lua scripts in my own language, so I can drop Lua as a dependency. Once that's done I'll switch the project to an autotools build system from handwritten Makefile. Then start rewriting the renderer in Vulkan.

Speaking of Apple II computers...

People are still making upgrades for them. I got a floppy emulator so I don't have to rely on decaying magnetic media (SD cards instead) and I just ordered a new RAM (and 80 column text) upgrade.

Behold my productivity and gaming powerhouse:

OMG. You can copy+paste on an Apple II !?

With the arrow keys, characters from the screen are added/removed from the input buffer, and you can go to a "non-copy" mode to move around.

So you move the cursor over text to copy.


The new preprocessor has been added to my larger sh'mup project as a library. It feels like jumping into the cold deep end of a pool to be back in the larger project. Also being back in C++ land after a nice stroll through C89.

Oct 20th will be 4 years since the first commit!

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