I'm really liking so far, but one huge thing it was lacking was a way to do decals in 3D. So I made one myself. Still needs some work on the materials side, and some work to make it scale better in huge scenes due to the way it gathers geometry.

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These are mesh-based decals. So it's just gathering geometry data from the scene and making a new mesh based on it. Different set of limitations from deferred decals.

Upside, at least the engine doesn't make me dig through a dozen layers of graphics code to get to the mesh data.

The big limitation now is that it has no efficient way to gather geometry. Now it collects every Mesh where the MeshInstance (or a parent) is in a "splattable" group, and does AABB/AABB checks on the mesh and then AABB/tri checks on each tri.

Might try exploting physics system.

I don't want to have to make individual Area nodes for each chunk of geometry to consider. Seems like very manual spatial partitioning. Also cluttering up the scene hierarchy with extra junk. But it would probably work so maybe it'll be a last resort.

Splat generation efficiency aside... Once they're created, and while they don't move, they're just another MeshInstance. So these limits are mostly about dynamic splats.

For stuff placed in the editor, they're great. Just a little weird to work with right now.

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