got me this TOTALLY AWESOME mousepad and dice bag for my birthday with art she did of my D&D character and me, and it even matches the dice I use from


I'm working on a first-person roguelite dungeon crawler in . Made a lot of progress on the dungeon generator (all in GDScript) over the weekend!

Rooms and passageways are placed. Next up is adding locked doors and keys.

I joined another D&D campaign. Online TTRPGs are starting to become my life.

I drew my new character, a Yuan-Ti Warlock. Her patron is a unicorn and her favorite spell is Raspberry Panzerfaust.

(That spell isn't real, but I did go with the celestial patron.)

Got some minor work done on my MOD player. Eventual goal is to expand it to support XM format too!

It's a good thing we got a ton of these things left over from California wildfire season preparations.

I guess this is life in the 2020s.

Current status of the Epic Catalog Clone for the .

The software side is "done", and it just needs to be filled with more colorful ANSI art. Also, the binary can produce an empty version of itself to fill with a new set of art, for anyone who wants to make their own!

Screenshots from our game last night. is working out really well for us! I gotta admit, I was skeptical about it at first, but it's going great!

Game run by @Guncannongirl, who did a ton of amazing custom art for boards and characters.

I drew my D&D character again. We've been playing over Tabletop Simulator ( @Guncannongirl is the DM), and our second session is tomorrow. I'm super excited!

Started messing around with making an eyeball shader for after @Guncannongirl gave me the idea (so I can help her with her own version). With some proper texturing, a more correctly modeled cornea, and some fake reflection, this could look pretty neat.

More decal work!

I just added an editor gizmo so you can resize them visually, and moved all the functionality into an addon so it can be shared it around.

Going slightly stir crazy here. Time to get some social interaction going.

Added tapering alpha value to the splats, and fixed up some of those gross edges. Uses a custom ShaderMaterial now, but it's a simple one that's easy to modify.

I'm really liking so far, but one huge thing it was lacking was a way to do decals in 3D. So I made one myself. Still needs some work on the materials side, and some work to make it scale better in huge scenes due to the way it gathers geometry.

That Kobold I made was AL-legal, but I'm definitely going to need a permissive DM to let me play *this* (non-AL) character.

Used the playable Lamia rules from Unlikely Heroes by @KoboldPress .

Drawn on lined paper because I am trash and need to remind the world of it. c:

For the DOS Game Jam I decided that, instead of a game, I'm going to make a clone of Epic Megagames' old "CATALOG.EXE" that they used to ship with their games.

We're then going to fill it with ASCII art ads for the games in the jam and ship it with the games.

WIP comparison:

This cat is the reason I'm behind on my game dev projects.

OMG! I stopped by Level Up in Santa Cruz on the way back from breakfast and poked through their Famicom games and found THIS!

I know it's not a rare or even good game, but it's one I played the hell out of (US version) as a kid.

Love the OST, though.

Huh. You know, I don't mind the as much when I just think of it like a really modernized version of that CATALOG.EXE they used to package with all the games they published that had that cool extended-ASCII art for the games.

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