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Aaand another daily doodle. Trying to catch up after MAGFest. I'm only behind by six doodles now.

Not too bad for a thing I get to do once a year.

... @Guncannongirl , you need some practice, though. =p

<3 <3 <3

Okay! Already behind on new years resolutions. Here's the first daily sketch (wanted to have this done on the 1st, but MAGFest is happening). Super rough because I'm so out of practice, but hey, it's all about practice, right?

Yay! That custom longboard I drew the art for finally arrived!

Apple IIe, Amiga 1200, and PowerMac G4 for scale reference.

Went to the beach with this weekend! <3 <3 <3

So apparently a custom-printed skateboard costs only a little more than a not-custom-printed skateboard, so I decided to do a drawing for the bottom of the one I want to get, and I drew a naga. #ラミア

Amiga 1200 succesfully hooked up to the Cintiq 27HD through chain of connectors and converters to go Amiga video connector -> VGA -> HDMI -> DisplayPort.

But hey, it works! Now I can get to work on that tablet protocol converter to actually use the Cintiq with it.

Speaking of Apple II computers...

People are still making upgrades for them. I got a floppy emulator so I don't have to rely on decaying magnetic media (SD cards instead) and I just ordered a new RAM (and 80 column text) upgrade.

Behold my productivity and gaming powerhouse:

It feels like most of the "art" I get done these days is doodles in meetings at work, but the range of expression you can get out of a crappy ballpoint pen on a post-it note is still pretty good.

Soon my random key generation will be the randomest! Mwahahaha!

Playing Battletech 2nd ed using a projected map from a piece of DOS software from <1993 that was an unofficial PC port of the same game.

Finally getting to test out the new map projector! Hopefully we get some awesome future D&D games out of it too.

With @guncannongirl and Neal

Had an amazing weekend with some awesome people! Did the trans march on Friday and the pride march with the @BayAreaSRA on Sunday!

I did some last minute badges for a couple of friends and tried to stick to the fantasy theme they have this year.

It would have been unsafe to try to take a picture when it actually happened, but my YJ and I had a very important moment in our relationship on this trip.

I realized I haven't shared a pic of this Jeep I keep posting about. It doesn't look as fun with the top up, though, so here's an old pic from the last time I was driving it regularly.

I don't have any children, so this is my equivalent to subjecting everyone to baby photos.

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