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Die Menschenrechtsorganisation zeigt sich besorgt über die Verlagerung von iCloud-Daten auf chinesische Server: Dies könne lokalen Behörden die Überwachung von Apple-Nutzern ermöglichen – auch ganz ohne eine Hintertür. www.heise.de/mac-and-i/meldung #AmnestyInternational #Apple #China #iCloud

This is where I go now when I'm totally exhausted by the bird site. Also, videos about squids.

Is there a good and simple app that let's me see which particular secret service is in my computer? I have windows :/ Stop laughing.

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Nahrungsmittel nur für Deutsche? Die Essener Tafel steht seit Tagen in der Kritik. Doch die Hilfsorganisation wehrt sich gegen Vorwürfe, fremdenfeindlich zu sein und beruft sich auf Bedürftige. Von Carla Bleiker, Essen. www.dw.com/de/essener-tafel-pa #Tafel #Essen #Bedürftige #Lebensmittelausgabe #Flüchtlinge #Deutschland

The bird site locked my account again, ask me to verify my account every damn time I respond to some Zionist's blatant racism.

Israel at this moment, seems to be the biggest driving force for censorship on the internet in Europe and the US.

This very moment Natives are talking bout their pain after yet another not guilty verdict. Maybe something worth listening to for you too. blogtalkradio.com/nativetrailb

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The far right has literally managed to turn German hate speech laws on the people fighting Nazis. And nobody seems concerned. It blows my mind.

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We will notice by the censorship laws they start with and whom they use it against.


Israel has managed to shut down Free Speech in Europe and it will get worse.

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That's....that's Thor. They made it 3 times.

Alt-righters complaining about Black Panther is my new favorite thing.

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ATTENTION, Public Service Announcement: Do not upgrade your npm. Do not upgrade to 5.7.0, released yesterday.

It changes file permissions of /etc, /boot, /user, … when run with sudo. Avoid, duck, cover, whimper.


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I’m trying to figure out what the percentage is of movies/shows with a Muslim terrorist plot versus the number of real terrorist attacks by people with an Islamic background and then compare that to the percentage of movies/shows with a white American terrorism plot versus the number of real life white American terrorism attacks.

Tried to find a way to make this site lighter and found out that other instances have the option to use "light (by skiant)". Is there a way to use something similar on here?

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