Today Is Q&A Day !

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 80 is today at 19:00 UTC. You still have time to get your questions to us.

So post them during the live streaming on Youtube and Telegram.

Or before the event on the Forum :


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsQandA #Lomiri #UBportsInstaller #QA #OTA13 #Volla #VollaPhone #Pine64 #PinePhone #PineTab #Ubuntu

Instagram said many time before they about to cancel the like counter but it doesn't seem to go aways

We've just pushed our third stable update for the Pine64 #PinePhone
Features include *far* better screen-off battery life and indication of the mobile network you're connected to in the top bar. Go to Settings -> Updates after your apps are up to date to get your copy now!

Google health now has more than 500 employees.

The Soyuz spacecraft used a digital clock on the control panel. Surprisingly complex, the clock had over 100 ICs and a switching power supply crammed inside. I open the clock and explain what all these chips do. Details:

Twitter stole mastodon features! I am so furious

Cool pips and their machine slangs :blobcatcool:​

Kilobyte: Kay bee
Megabyte: A Meg
Gigabyte: A Jig
Terabyte: A Ter
Petabyte: A Pita πŸ₯™β€‹
Exabyte: An Exo
Zettabyte: A Zee / Zed
Yotabyte: A YEET

Google reCaptcha's mission is pretty evil.
It lies to you on certain challenges that you complete correctly, because it doesn't have enough of them for the percentage algorithm.

Stop fucking using it! It sucks, you can't even use tor this days...

#StopSurveillence #TorProject

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