“Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you”…
*that don't track you*


With Dailymotion, Opera, Brave, Vimeo, Medium, Squarespace, Slack…

Please, stop the privacy bullshit!...

For example, the “privacy-friendly” Brave browser is just a fucking joke, a scam, a trojan horse to sell your attention to advertisers…

You don’t believe me?
Just check their website!



@skynebula brave is actually a good browser, I like it even though BAT concept is doomed to fail... open tor tab it’s the most useful feature, still don’t understand why it’s bullshit?

@Eyal Because they're like AdBlock Plus or Ghostery. They promise you "privacy" but in fact it's to sell you and your data to advertisers.
If you don't see any bullshit/problem there, that's too bad for ya...

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