I'm seeing a few new people cautiously say things like "let's enjoy this place before the bad people get here" and I just want to say:

Don't worry! They're already here! But thanks to the heroic work of your instance moderators and admins, you will never see them. And if they do show up then your mods will get rid of them: unlike Twitter, the reporting functions here are reviewed by real people who don't care about turning a profit, and instead focus on enforcing community guidelines

@melissasage Hold on there... You're saying we can enjoy this peaceful social engagement ... *gulps*... forever??

@Ezaz unfortunately yes. if you want to have a bad time on social media, you can still use twitter and facebook. it's not too late to prevent yourself from actually having fun online


@melissasage all this positivity feels vaguely unsettling. Might take some time to recover 😔

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