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Hopefully I get to meet lot of nice people on here! :D

I'm basically a full-time on ! I stream lots of simulators like and others. I am also currently playing through

You can find me at ! I also dabble in stuff at

Hope to see you there!

[LIVE on ]

Checking out game of the day !

Later, gonna check out for the first time ever! \o/

[LIVE on ]

now! Awww yes!

Ancient Relics first look when the embargo lifts! \o/

Come and hang out!

[LIVE on ]

More today! \o/

Continuing our Challenge Run! Terraforming Mars before we get our first colonists!

[LIVE on ]

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Ice Sheet Shenanigans!

Also testing audio, so yell at me if something is weird! PLEASE!!

Just a heads up: No stream on Monday since I'll still be working on doing the new setup \o/

I'll be back on Tuesday with an extra long stream since we have Co-opstrophe in the evening!

[LIVE on ]

Are you ready to continue our challenge run?!

YOU BETTER BE! Come and hang out! :D

[LIVE on ]

Jumping back into today!

Is it possible to terraform Mars without colonists? LET'S FIND OUT!!

[LIVE on ]

It's time to start a new run!! ;)

This time, we're building a zoo! Gotta collect all the animals that exist! AWWW YES!! (With mods of course!)

[LIVE on ]

Our Magic colony in is almost ready to head for the stars!

Time to fire up the ship reactor today!!


Come and hang out with me!!

with Twitch integration first!

Later: community fun times! :D

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