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Head on over to:

More stuff to come later in the month! <3

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Hopefully I get to meet lot of nice people on here! :D

I'm basically a full-time on ! I stream lots of simulators like and others. I am also currently playing through

You can find me at ! I also dabble in stuff at

Hope to see you there!

[LIVE on ]


We got partnered on AND it's release day for !!!

12 hours of games and shenanigans and giveaways coming your way!!!!!!

[LIVE on ]

Still alive on the !

Will this finally be our run in ?!

Come in and find out!

[STILL Live on ]

Switching over to @OverkillsTWD !!

Multi steam with PeachyPixel8 Sheepdog and pony_punch

Wanna check out how our look at the Beta went?!

Well here you go! All wrapped up in a nice, little playlist for you!

[LIVE on ]

Sleep has forsaken me! I've been up since 3am. I can guarantee for nothing!

But the shall not defeat me! NOPE!

More in right meow!

[LIVE on ]

Our epic base fell yesterday! T_T Damn you commandos!

Can we do it again!? More in !!

[LIVE on ]

Our base in is STILL ALIVE!!

Gonna start building the ship today, I think! May we actually finish this playthrough?!?!

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