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Hopefully I get to meet lot of nice people on here! :D

I'm basically a full-time on ! I stream lots of simulators like and others. I am also currently playing through

You can find me at ! I also dabble in stuff at

Hope to see you there!

[LIVE on ]

Starting a new run of with Sheepdog42 ! \o/

Come and join in on the fun!

FG is a DERP!

So we're starting over in our run!

Check out the first episode now!

[LIVE on ]

I'm totally not addicted to PatheaGames' ! *cough cough*

Sooooo, more of that today! \o/

[LIVE on ]

It's release day for ! \o/

Time to continue our playthrough of them game! AWWW YES!

[LIVE on ]

More !!

So much to do, and luckily so much time to do them all! \o/

[LIVE on ]

It's time to return to !!!

AWWWW YES! It's been so long, let's see if I remember how to play! ;)

[LIVE on ]

Oh hai there! Long time no see!!

Time for a bit of , I think! :D

Stream is probably going to be a bit shorter, since I'm still sick. But I missed ya'll way too much!

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