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This winter, are the new get-together for enthusiasts.

We like to help you to find your best match by offering all important information in a nutshell. We just introduced new categories to help you understand the offered infrastructure: "Technologies in use", "Online interactivity" and "User's freedom"

Spread the word. Help us to fill the content. Help people to connect via the most comprehensive collection of foss events in Europe and online:

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Hello world! This is the social account of

It will be used to spread news and updates around events in Europe and try to remind you on upcoming events or deadlines of calls for participation.

Of course we will also use it to inform you about any updates regarding // itself : )

, , , and/or (related) in :
Unity in diversity!

Your //

1/2 After careful consideration and with great regret we have to announce that MCH2021 is cancelled. Tickets will be refunded. More information will follow in the next three weeks. Alternatives are being researched; there are many considerations.

Uuuund wir sind online! - Mit unserem Programm für die virtuellen Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2021!
Viel Vergnügen euch allen beim Durchschauen und Vorfreudesammeln!

Acabamos de abrir el envío de propuestas para #esLibre2021! 😎 😎

✍️ Abierto hasta el 4 de Junio
🗓 Celebración del congreso: 25 y 26 de Junio
📺 Online

¿A qué estás esperando para lanzar tu propuesta? 🙈😏

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To all the priceless people, communities, organisers, speakers, volunteers, journalists, and participants of great events around the world and online: Happy I love Free Software day!


"Reboot to Respawn" is the online Easter event organised by the

Topic is how to extend life support for our mother hardware Earth.

CfP Deadline: 2021-02-27

Read everything in a nutshell on // :

"Das Hacken Open Air ist feinstes Hacker-Camping, ausgerichtet vom Hackerspace Stratum 0. Wir versammeln uns zum gemütlichen Treffen mit Freunden und Bekannten."

Read everything in a nutshell about Hacken Open Air on
09-12 September in Gifhorn, Germany on //

Read everything in a nutshell about esLibre on 05. to 06. June on //

La edición del año 2021 de esLibre también será finalmente online, esta vez organizada por parte de LibreLabUCM. Por lo pronto, puedes echarle un ojo a la propuesta que presentaron para la edición de este año.

The deadline for the Call for Participation for #MCH2021 is this Monday, Feb 1, so if you want to give a talk or workshop, this weekend is the time to submit:

"MozFest is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world"

Read everything in a nutshell about Mozilla Festival on 08-14. March on //

"More than a hackathon, it is a festival for developers in Europe!"

24.-27. June: Hack in the woods, near Turnai in Belgium

Read everything in a nutshell on //

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

9-10 April: "an annual conference around Open source software and hardware located in Graz" and this time online

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

The EU Open Source Policy Summit happening on February 5 in the Internet, an event that "aims to build bridges and encourage exchanges between the vast Open Source community and European policymakers."

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

happening on February 6-7, offline in Brussels, "a smaller gathering about Free Software tools and their communities as an alternative to addictive corporate online tools"

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

, "the second workshop of the free simulation coupling library preCICE" organised online by the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

CfP Deadline tomorrow, January 7 (!)

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

on 06-09 June 2021 in Rapperswil, "die führende Konferenz für Freie und Open Source Software Geo-Software und . Aufgrund der derzeitigen Pandemiesituation wird die FOSSGIS als hybride Veranstaltung geplant, d.h. es wird möglich sein nach Rapperswil zu reisen oder online teilzunehmen."

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

on 10-13 June 2021, "ein Barcamp bei dem jede*r einen Vortrag halten oder ein Diskussionsthema mitbringen kann"

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

on 24-26 June 2021, "the third meeting centered around the GNU Radio framework held in France (Poitiers). Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, a great part of the event will be held in virtual format.".

The Call for Participation is running!

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