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This winter, are the new get-together for enthusiasts.

We like to help you to find your best match by offering all important information in a nutshell. We just introduced new categories to help you understand the offered infrastructure: "Technologies in use", "Online interactivity" and "User's freedom"

Spread the word. Help us to fill the content. Help people to connect via the most comprehensive collection of foss events in Europe and online:

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Hello world! This is the social account of

It will be used to spread news and updates around events in Europe and try to remind you on upcoming events or deadlines of calls for participation.

Of course we will also use it to inform you about any updates regarding // itself : )

, , , and/or (related) in :
Unity in diversity!

Your //

‼️ Extendemos el envío de propuestas para #esLibre2022!

Tienes otra oportunidad para mandarnos tus ideas hasta el 7 de mayo:

En los próximos días iremos confirmando las actividades aceptadas del primer periodo.

#SoftwareLibre #HardwareLibre #CulturaLibre

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En la mañana del sábado 23 de abril celebraremos #FLISoL #Tenerife, dentro del marco del 18º Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de #SoftwareLibre. ¡Te esperamos en #FLISoLTenerife2022 !

"The Linux App Summit (LAS) brings the global Linux community together to learn, collaborate, and help grow the Linux application ecosystem." - happening on April 29-30 in Rovereto, Italy:

Call for Participation ends on March 18!

new on //

OFFline Developer European Meeting - "An intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production.", happening on March 05-06, offline in Brussels.

The Call for Participation ends tomorrow! @ps

Less than a month to submit your proposal to the MCH2022 Call for Participation:

Für die kommenden Veranstaltung suchen wir kräftig Verstärkung!

Möchtest Du etwas in einem engagierten und netten Team zur Open Source und Linux Welt beitragen?
Dann ist dies hier genau die richtige Gelegenheit!


#TuxTage #Linux #OpenSource

Less than 100 early bird tickets remaining, get yours ASAP!

Are you currently looking for a great project to contribute? Helping people and foss to connect online and offline sounds appealing to you?

Meet us in one hour, at 15:00 in , for the // hack session:

Tomorrow from 15:00 to 18:00 we run a // hack session at

Join, learn, share and help sustain //

If you plan to join our hack session on 29. December from 15:00 to 18:00 during you can already connect with us via our matrix room at

// is looking for new contributors, sustainers & developers.

If you are interested, join our hack session on day 3 of from 15:00 to 18:00

More info and link coming soon.

Late but not too late: We finally started the most comprehensive collection of Free, Libre and/or Open Source Software events happening in Europe and online in 2022 \°/

Are you an organiser or you miss your most favorite event? Use our "add a new event" button and help us and other FOSS enthusiasts to grow the list!

Ab jetzt könnt Ihr Euch auch zu den (kostenlosen) Workshops anmelden!

Grafik, Hacken, Distros, Programmieren, Public Code in S-H u.v.m. sind dabei. Schnell sein lohnt sich 🙂

Anmeldung unter

"GHCon is an annual conference that brings together enthusiasts and developers of the Libre Health & Hospital Information System."

GNU Health Con will be online this year on December 10-11:

"Tux-Tage ist eine live moderierte Online-Veranstaltung, die aus Vorträgen, Diskussionen, Workshops und vielem mehr rund um die Freie Software-Welt besteht. Die nächste Veranstaltung findet am 13. und 14. November 2021 statt."

CfP läuft noch bis 26.9.

"MatomoCamp is the first online event that focuses on Matomo Analytics, the most used digital analytics Free software solution."

The event will be online, happening on November 4-5. The Call for Participation is running.

Hackmeeting is the yearly Italian digital counter-cultures meeting where all participants are contributors. It will be a physical meetup happening in Nuovo Casa del Popolo di Ponticelli near Bologna, next week on September 1-5:

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