Some recent for a NPC sourcebook. And me! Hi, Mastodon.

Migrating from an .art account, so I’m kinda starting from scratch. 👋

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Hello! Let's try actually using this thing for real, so we can ditch the other, more evil options

Some recent and the next one in progress.

I'm a big fan of the Conan meets Barbarella meets Jack Vance's Dying Earth setting of .

A Dire Pickle token for a thing I'm futzing with.

Trying to keep it to a couple of spot colors. I want the to feel low budget and shoddily reproduced.

Mario doodle. I didn't push it gross-out enough for my tastes though.

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Making some #krita tools and testing the limits of my theory that no cartoon animal cranium can ever be too large with this Bonk-lookin-ass hog.

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This method of picking a multiplied shadow color that is a desaturated compliment to your light source isn't going to produce the *best* color results, but it will give you ones that are genuinely difficult to fuck up.

I just blindly slathered in flat color for the heads right and left.

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I pick my colors by hand, but a shadow layer multiplied over a local color layer + a final opaque layer for highlights and reflected light = quick results.

Helpful especially if you're struggling with a workflow that's consistent. It looks decent even over these bullshit inks.

Pick a shadow color that's a desaturated compliment to your lightsource's color and have at ye.

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I cannot stress this enough, you can never make their goddamn craniums big enough. Go biiiig.

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I don't draw cartoon animals often, but I was kinda curious just how much mileage and variance I could get out of a base skull shape with minimal tweaks. Turns out -- a lot!

I've had an idea for some space faring critters for a while, but never put any real time into it.

These were fun, though.

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A funky #llama to end the old year. Twice in one post, because the long neck ruins single pic preview. Also: You can never have enough #llamallama. #mastoart

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I'll be spending more time on this .social account. If you're following me on .art, might be worth the follow here. 👍

I'm not choosing sides, just finding value in posting both spots.

I've been living on .art, but I'm digging .social too. 🤔

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