Hi, how does #Librewolf handle (#)DNSOverHTTPS? Firefox send all DNS to Cloudflare by default.

@dsfgs can't check right now but if I remember correctly DoH is disabled by default. I'm pretty sure, but don't quote me on that...

@FSMdotCOM @humanetech I wonder how much the releases of any Firefox fork can lag behind Mozilla's before the increased exposure to 0days negates any possible amount of hardening the fork could do?

@freakazoid @humanetech librewolf applies the community configs on the official firefox release so it can't lag behind to that maginitute. Now if you take the literal definition of "fork", you could argue that librewolf is not 100% a fork.

@FSMdotCOM @humanetech Ah, so it's a build with different build options? That should be a lot easier to maintain, and if their builder updates automatically when there are new release tags, they should barely lag behind at all.

@freakazoid @humanetech no, as far as I can tell it downloads firefox directly from mozilla, if you build it yourself you can even provide firefox yourself.

@FSMdotCOM That logo, though: amarok.kde.org/

Not sure if Amarok is still active and working on recent KDE, though.

@berkes hahah, they were probably debating which one to copy this one or the one from icewolf os ( i think it is/was called )

@berkes wow hahah, you're on a hunt right now. btw, keep sending me your findings, but i hope you understand i'm/we're not involved in any way, shape or form with librewolf

@FSMdotCOM I know! Just saw your menion of a (really cool) project and thought: I know that logo! :)

@berkes perfect. keep sending this shit. i find it super funny. i was thinking the same thing tbh, but coulnd't put my finger on it til you mentioned amarok hahahah

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