Don't bother liking me.

I'm not good enough.

My brain is locked down enough today that I can hardly even do things to unwind with.

Well. Today's the first day I made a game dev goal and accomplished it to a satisfactory degree in a long time.

It's basically nothing, but I'm proud of it. Probably more proud than I ought to be.

The real test hasn't even started. I've made the bare bones; now I need to start adding muscle and tendon. I've never made it through this step before in my life. Hopefully this will be the first time.

Sorry, I don't know how to do the show more thing on here.

I'm just gonna keep fumbling and stumbling the longer I'm stuck here. The other day made that more apparent than ever.

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The absolute minute I can get an arrangement that doesn't collapse in on itself, I'm going to move out. Forcefully.

There's no future in my current living arrangement.

I keep hearing the word 'paradise' as 'pair o' dice'.

I blame @Trysdyn

Today I'm gonna start work on writing out concepts and building up groundwork for a project.

I just feel like today's the day that I have the energy.

Wonder if a semi-NG+ where you clear all dungeons with an endgame loadout is a valid category.

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That was a pretty nice stream, I think. The bosses in Dicing Knight are a little rough since they basically punish you for learning, but overall it's not too bad.

I guess the true challenge is getting deathless runs of things with a black orb so you're more prepared for later, and getting an ideal orb loadout.

Might offscreen grind better EXP and orbs.

Roses are red
Video games are rad
Streaming for you
Makes me quite glad

Whenever dinner's done (soon) I'll be doing a thing.

Being able to toot on any level with the same account and having different states as a default is neato, though.

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Okay so
1. Can I have absolute timestamps
2. Can I make notifications not make noise


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