hey, it’s me, the fanny pack fairy! boost to borrow one of my fanny packs, fav for 25 seconds of good luck, ignore to hurt my feelings and make me wipe away my tears with one of my many fanny packs

Hello Assembled People of European Mastodon! I work at @eff on international copyright. You might have heard of , the EU proposal to require © filters on sharing sites.

We're really worried that this could affect services like ActivePub/Mastodon instances, opening them up to lawsuits or requiring expensive filters.

The key vote is on Wednesday -- please call or write your MEP and ask them to vote against to protect the future of the internet! saveyourinternet.eu/

Personal Sob Story Below 

I'm feeling especially lonely these days. I feel ugly, unloved, and pathetic. I'm working at a Walmart and I'm not sue if I'll ever go beyond that or if any woman would go out with me knowing what I do for a living.

I'm sad and I wish I had someone to hug.

That is all.

Found an awesome lady while scrolling the bird-site. Here's her Tumblr:


This story belongs on Mastodon :)

Faith in humanity restored indeed.
Faith in humanity restored indeed. imgur.com/gallery/5dLJVOf

now officially at @iron_prince@bofa.lol so refollow me if u want idc ITS ABOUT BOOSTIN TWEETS AND HANGING OUT AND NOT YOUR DANGED FOLLOWER COUNT

what big accounts stuck on twitter think it's like here vs what it's actually like here

Fuck a Sunday, I'm drinking whiskey tonight! Fave for the rye, boost for the bourbon

boost to hammer a stake through ronald reagan's heart and put a bulb of garlic in his mouth to ensure he can never rise from his grave

AdMiNs CaN rEaD uR dMs

Yeah and on twitter, fb and google they can and do and then sell your data to advertisers to target ads to you, idk what you're worried about here tbth

you can't just put "toot" in a word and call it a fart pun!!!!! where's the artistry???? (fartistry)

looking for a girl who'll call me "darling" and "my love"

Mastodon is not the first online ecosystem for any of us, it’s a chance at a reboot.

So it’s pretty rad that our consensus answer to the question “If given a chance, what would I have done differently online to make for a better future?” is a resounding “be authentic and kind and seek connection with others.”

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I wonder if the pre_purge Tooters are thinking, "So, this is what it would be like if aliens took over the planet?"

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