periodic reminder that this instance,, has one of the most lively instances full of (mostly queer) leftists muted so you can't see or interact with them unless you already follow them so now might be a good idea to consider joining another instance.

if you'd like to join the queer leftist shitposting party i can invite to, and also if you want to cast some spells and have a chill time i run which is open for registrations!

@FakeRobotGamer would love an invite to bofa (dont really know anything about spells beyond final fantasy III)

@FakeRobotGamer I don't understand instances but shitposting queer leftists seems like the place for me. How do I get there?

@FakeRobotGamer I've been Thinking about changing instances, could i get an invite to bofa?

@FakeRobotGamer could you shoot me a bofa invite? That’s where all my favorite Twitter outcasts are

@FakeRobotGamer I would love an invite to bofa if you’re still open to do that, it seems like my kinda people

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