im confused why does shut up wesley's counter social account appear in here? i thought counter social didnt talk to anyone

i hate so much you cant even escape its bullshit by using visual tools like which are generally way better than CLI except for some reason when i add the upstream tootsuite/mastodon repo as remote then try to commit the merged updates to my witcheslive/mastodon repo it.... tries to commit to to tootsuite? what the fuck. why would it think i want that. i cannot get it to like, commit to heckin witcheslives and i DONT KNOW WHY

laurelai bailey 

alright y'all has the witchesAwesome icons now, WAY more "localization" changes than 'town ever had, and now Extremely Owns Bones (That You Can Use For Spells). come fucking cast spells at

"why do i need an account on ?" because its cool as hell thats why look at this shit

inside look at the exciting things going on during downtime

good night every day feel you're not a brokebrain who feels wooed by coutnter social, a sight run by a transphobe who posts trump tweet screenshots to his own isolated server and about a billion dweeb-ass toots like this

the compaion app isnt very good so i hope my fc doesn't mind i put some content in it to make it less bad

i cannot, for the life of me, figure out where this "administered by" thing is set

also has some rules now and stuff! also a hat!

this is the docker-compose.yml. what the shit. what is wrong with this thing.

i told it to use this folder for the persistent data why isnt it working WHERE IS MY TEST WITCH AAAAAAAAAAAA

this is the exciting shit that happens while is down

seriously it just sits here. forever.

as much as this is a time for new beginnings, old traditions must be respected. mastodon has pinned toots now i guess so finally, an important legacy has been restored. thank you for believing in me.

confirmed. pressing f for my brave russian bot. "pee is stored in the balls. disagreeing is the twelfth type of liberalism."

also its now the primary platform for greatest actor of all time wil wheaton

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