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im extremely cute and popular and have checked the box in my profile so i dont understand why im not on The List

whats up gamers its ya girl toxic fem 69 gonna hitcha back walls with doomfist yaknowhatimsayin

it is time for TILTED TUESDAY! i have upped the AESTHETIC
levels to previously unknown levels, so please look forward to it!

i pretty much finance my instance through my twitch stream so you can help out the fediverse by watching even if you can't afford subs or cheers :3 (and if you can't watch actively mute the tab not the video so your view counts!)

in case anyone ends up here looking for me because my twitter was deleted by Asshole Jack, you can find where i actually post at @anna

@benjanun_s !!! hi! my mains that i actually post on are and @anna (and i run lol)

alright witches, its fixed, and it was something really dumb

the nginx config i got for the subdomain was set up correctly and listened on the ipv6 port, but the original mastodon config wasn't quite. ipv6 worked as a fallback, it wasn't listening explicitly.

so when i added the sub subdomain which did explicitly listen to ipv6 while the root domain wasn't, it'd fallback to the subdomain's settings which sent the wrong certificate and broke things on ipv6

basically the solution was to add

listen [::]:80;


listen [::]:443 ssl http2;

runes to the configuration

In order for the new changes at to work there were some changes to the DNS. It seems like this change has not propagated properly to some areas, so if you're getting an ssl error when trying to connect to, clear your DNS cache

unfortunately this is also causing federation issues, with and in particular. not sure what to do but wait it out is down for a few minutes to update to a new version

reminder that is muted by eugen on because he believed a serial rapist unquestioningly so if ur on here you'e missing out on some of the most active and fun posting the fediverse has to offer

invites to are open again lmk if you want one. i also run an instance at that has open registration~

had some ISSUES due to FUCKING JEFF but we're back live and having a great time!

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hey everyone its time for me to PLAY VIDEO GAMES ON STREAM i am pretty alright at overwatch and dont use racial slurs though content warning: sometimes i curse j*ff

it is a fun time and i often play with viewers! tonight im doing placements on my main account solo and the dva challenge first, but then if anyone's awake will play together after that :)

@leonthotsky yo does it even show that followed you on this (your .social) account? im not sure how thorough the instance mute is

also sorry for bothering you ❤️

The two most important beliefs of
1) pee is stored in the balls
2) fuck white people

@Gargron why are you as bad as jack dorsey I’m a white people and I still say fuck white people

perodic reminder that is a cool instance i run and you wont get booted for posting facts like "fuck white people" invites are suspended for normies like me but ask if you want one!

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