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fuck it, proper time.

I'm FalloutFloyd, a gray-ace(?????) aussie dude who likes tinkering with technology and all that sorta stuff. I'm a hobbyist gamedev (and have been for quite a while) but i've only properly completed one project as of the time of writing this. Apart from that, i like trying to modify any console i can get my hands on.

away from computers, i'm interested in cars and kinda interested in aviation. also nerf modifying nerf blasters kinda but thats mad expensive

king k roller is truly the only good xbox one exclusive videoed game

imagine pulling up to da war in a boeing 767 with a tumor growing out of it

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Android it has been multiple weeks and still no trans flag emoji . Android I will become violent

who tf andrew yang and why he wanna give everyone ubisoft?

life really do just be 5:22-6:10 of Call Of Ktulu but it doesn't end and in fact just gets faster and more anxiety inducing

starting an Internet community for shitty creativity where you post your own shitty art, music, sewing, writing, or whatever and other people exclusively tell you it's cool and keep making it, the literal waking nightmare of every Constructive Crit chud on the entire Internet, and laughing when it produces better creatives because the entire secret to making good art is to make the bad art and keep making the bad art and enjoy making bad art

The entirety of early 2010s aesthetics was just shit like this

[in the style of those crusty early 2010s tumblr images]

only ace things :))))

- dragons
- garlic bread
- experiencing hornt and confusing it for sexual attraction
- confusion
- space haha :)))
- the crushing realization that you will never be certain of your sexuality and constantly second guessing yourself because you saw someone who looked nice so therefore it MUST be sexual attraction

imagine being excited by celery. just imagine it. like, a guy walks into the break room, sees a vegetable tray, and is like "AWRIGHT! CELERY!"

if you enter a relationship with me and tell me that we're going to treat eachother like royalty, stop freaking out when i behead you for not bearing a son as i've demanded you to

dear serfs,

thov claimst to dislike fevdalisim yet thov toil vnder the employ of thine master

- charles kirkland

decided im going to be annoying, starting now.

thats right bitches, i am now kvlt as fvck. how've yov all been?

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