It took me this long to realize I misspelled my own username on Mastodon :(

Here's a neat iOS developer trick I just figured out:

If you use background fetch, save a ton of memory by not loading your real UI until didBecomeActive (use a splash screen instead). When a user opens the app, it'll load the UI, but if the system just wants to launch to refresh then shut down, it can save all that memory / work.

We cut memory usage during refreshes by about 60%

Do any iOS mastodon clients save your timeline position?

Looks like it's a requirement that Mastodon servers use a goofy TLD.

Today I (re-)learned that every NSURLSession with a delegate is a retain cycle by default.

You have to call invalidateAndCancel to release the delegate.

I'm liking The Everything Report but I'm bothered way too much by the reflection of the green screen in the desk. //

CWs aren't "censorship" or putting your toots behind some kinda wall, they're basically equivalent to lowering your voice so only the intended people can hear you in this crowded bar, as you talk about stuff that's potentially upsetting, TMI, or whatever.

People don't want CWs on "politics" (which really means "the news") because they're oversensitive and afraid of seeing the news, they read they news, they just don't want it to be a 24-hour punditry vortex in here.

Looks like you can't un-boost something. Be careful out there with your clicks!

Free Mastodon bot idea: @verifiedbot will take your profile picture and add a checkmark to it. has gone in a totally different direction than I expected and it's pretty great so far. I'm only three episodes in and I'm really interested to see where it goes.

the great thing about open source is that instead of screaming into the void and then receiving bad features you never asked for, everything is broken but you shrug it off because no one has any money anyways

Can't wait for the Mastodon key signing parties so we can all build our webs of trust. 🙃

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Looks like it's a requirement that Mastodon servers use a goofy TLD.

It seems like it's pretty easy to impersonate someone via federation. Create an account with the same user name and icon but at a different server URL. Most people won't notice since the server isn't displayed anywhere in the UI.

Currently trying to get AlgoVPN ( set up on my home router to encrypt all outgoing traffic without needing to config individual clients. Anyone have any experience doing that?

Is there any value to doing a single user mastodon server? Does federation make it feel identical to using, or are there drawbacks?


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