It seems like it's pretty easy to impersonate someone via federation. Create an account with the same user name and icon but at a different server URL. Most people won't notice since the server isn't displayed anywhere in the UI.

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Can't wait for the Mastodon key signing parties so we can all build our webs of trust. 🙃

@Farktonix yeah man this is giving me gnu flashbacks, nostalgic and sweat inducing all at once. Many I've got so many characters, i can just keep typing.

@Farktonix ALSO the open source version of timehop should be GNU Flashbacks. As in, do I have any gnu flashbacks today? It also recognizes the possible traumatic element timehop ignores.

@Farktonix it is shown but it's in a low contrast font. Definitely agree that this could be a problem though.

@Farktonix I think that is indeed a serious issue. There needs to be either a global identity or a distributed mechanism for ensuring trust a la distributed ledgers... Otherwise this is going to confuse people _a lot_

@thomase @Farktonix nah everyone remembers using jabber with gaim/pidgin, right?

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