It took me this long to realize I misspelled my own username on Mastodon :(

Here's a neat iOS developer trick I just figured out:

If you use background fetch, save a ton of memory by not loading your real UI until didBecomeActive (use a splash screen instead). When a user opens the app, it'll load the UI, but if the system just wants to launch to refresh then shut down, it can save all that memory / work.

We cut memory usage during refreshes by about 60%

@Sommer they’re great cars though and we love both of the ones we have. Good luck!

@Sommer if you’re getting a loan from the dealership this is good to know about so you can have the math prepared in advance:
They’re also going to upsell you on a couple extra things at signing time after the car price is settled. Stuff like a Sirius subscription and a maintenance plan.
The maintenance plan is pretty much just three years of oil changes, so figure out in advance if having that prepaid is worth the price they quote.

@Sommer we bought the outback from Carlson Subaru and it was a breeze. Got the Impreza from Capitol Subaru and it was a little less pleasant but still not bad.

@Sommer we recently bought two Subarus in the area (Outback and Impreza). TrueCar was a good way to get a price and avoid having to negotiate. The prices got emailed to me and I could decide who to engage with. It ends up going through the internet sales departments and they’re lower pressure sales folks and the sales are generally take it or leave it. Just make sure to use a junk email account for it 😀

Do any iOS mastodon clients save your timeline position?

Looks like it's a requirement that Mastodon servers use a goofy TLD.

Today I (re-)learned that every NSURLSession with a delegate is a retain cycle by default.

You have to call invalidateAndCancel to release the delegate.

I'm liking The Everything Report but I'm bothered way too much by the reflection of the green screen in the desk. //

CWs aren't "censorship" or putting your toots behind some kinda wall, they're basically equivalent to lowering your voice so only the intended people can hear you in this crowded bar, as you talk about stuff that's potentially upsetting, TMI, or whatever.

People don't want CWs on "politics" (which really means "the news") because they're oversensitive and afraid of seeing the news, they read they news, they just don't want it to be a 24-hour punditry vortex in here.

@kedm @red Yep. It's really incredible how simple Docker has made it to set up and run services.

One command configures and starts up a database server, memory cache, web server, and email server, and you've got yourself a Mastodon instance running.

The only setting you need to change in a config file is your domain name.

@red Yeah, it's a hard sell for anyone. Let's move this thread to mastodon.meta.

Looks like you can't un-boost something. Be careful out there with your clicks!

Free Mastodon bot idea: @verifiedbot will take your profile picture and add a checkmark to it.

@red Where _is_ Muramatsu these days? I bet he's on here.

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