seems like it’s that time... :fatyoshi: REAL FATYOSHI HOURS!!!!! :fatyoshi: IF U STILL UP, SWING A :fatyoshi: DIRECTLY AT MY FUCKING DOME AND MAKE SURE IT CONNECTS :fatyoshi:

Excited to see if the earnestness of mastodon can stand up to the soul fuck of grad school, but hopefully I’ll just be able to toot thru it

My impressions of Mastodon:

So far, so no Sam Grady

STEPHEN A: Skip I want to ADDRESS this issue.
[BAYLESS nods]
You KNOW I am sensitive to the Holocaust
BAYLESS: Absolutely

Man this website really opens up an entire new genre of deeply unfunny parody accounts

<THREAD> I’m now hearing a meme that says Obama, Clinton, et al. are doing nothing, just gave up.

Guys, it’s time for some game theory.

Seeing the random tech worker psychopaths talking about API implications while 70 people send variations of "send toots sweetie" in a 5 second period whips ass

After spending a few minutes watching the timeline zoom by, I've realized that y'all are deeply passionate about bread and that spanish shitposting is light years ahead of english's


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