#youtube has been spreading anti-LGBTQ+, hate speech and far right content. Source: foundation.mozilla.org/en/blog

YouTube has become a place for promoting misinformation and extreme hateful views, to combat this I recommend using invidious/newpipe 100% of the time so videos don't get recommend to you and the content you view doesn't get boosted In YouTube's automatic system, so you don't have worry supporting or boosting any far right or misinformation slipping Into your sub feed.

We must make YouTube an unviable platform for content makers to upload their videos to, that way content creators will have no other choice then to find an alternative platform.

- You can fine a list of Invidious instance here: github.com/iv-org/invidious/wi

- You can download NewPipe here: f-droid.org/en/packages/org.sc

#PirateYouTube #Invidious #NewPipe

I helped my friend @Featherwatt make this website and I'm still really pleased with it. No JavaScript, no cookies, loads instantly.

phoenixbaker.net (NSFW, Phoenix is an erotica writer)

It's just HTML, with a tiny bit of PHP to make it so that Phoenix can add more pages without having to copy-paste over the whole header and footer. I helped mostly with the PHP bits, Phoenix is used to HTML 'cause ebooks.

Foxbutt chapter five is up on Literotica, and people love it! 4.92 rating as of right now, much better than earlier chapters! literotica.com/beta/s/foxbutt-

It'll be coming to Fur Affinity and SoFurry later on today. I've been slowing down my posting on FA and SF to give Lit time to catch up. Part 6, the last bit, will be online probably early next week, along with the ebooks. :)

when you hear a joke and you're like "????" at first and then further down the line, be it minutes, seconds, hours, days, you finally go "!! OH GOD I GET IT"

is that a Jestation Period?

I might do a blog, I've got a lot of horrible things to say about Amazon

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My hit counter is super old-fashioned, it just clicks over by one whenever someone visits the site. There's not even any logic to check if the same person is refreshing over and over again. I like it this way. It beats the shit outta Google Analytics for sure

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I made a website!

It's at phoenixbaker.net (NSFW) and it tells you all about my books. It has a hit counter, a links page, and no cookies or Javascript!

Thanks to @ImprobableIsland for hosting it, and sorry your players got an eyeful of foxbutt during testing.

Downtime report: I'm helping set up a website for a friend @Featherwatt and since it only takes up a few hundred kilobytes I said hey Phoenix feel free to plonk it on my server. Anyway Phoenix did so and then I fucked up the Apache config so hard that for a few minutes all my players were redirected to a site that prominently advertises furry erotica.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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So, in conclusion, Literotica - which isn't a great site but has been around for ages - will likely get Foxbutt an order of magnitude more traffic than Fur Affinity, which will likely be an order of magnitude more than SoFurry.

SoFurry is a great site for readers and writers, but nobody uses it.

Fur Affinity is GOD-AWFUL for readers and writers but ten times more people use it.

Literotica is thoroughly _meh,_ but has even more people using it, although they're not into genderfluid foxboys.

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But that's okay, Foxbutt isn't for everyone - it's better to show a weird thing to 800 people and have 700 of them just go "WTF is this" than it is to only show it to 100 people who you already know will like it. That's how you give people that lovely serendipitous feeling of stumbling by chance across their new favourite thing.

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Foxbutt part 1 went online on Literotica this morning (parts 1 and 2 went online on SoFurry and Fur Affinity three days ago) and my stats so far are 799 views, 2 faves, 12 ratings (4.08 average, far lower than my other story series), and 3 new watchers (which I assume were because of Foxbutt but could also be coming off my other series).

4.08 average is _LOW._ Literotica ratings generally go from 4 to 5, with 3 and below being barely readable. So Literotica REALLY didn't like this story.

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Literotica will let you paste plain text but can also take word processor formats - then has a human moderator transcribe the story into a format the site supports, which can sometimes take weeks. By now I've learned that Literotica editors appreciate ready-to-go HTML, so I just pasted in the same stuff from SoFurry and it went online a couple days later.

The reading interface is currently getting an overhaul and there's an open beta right now, so I'll skip that bit.

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I've posted to Literotica before, but only in the lesbian section. This is my first story with the focus on the male, and Lit's nonhuman section is full of monster girls or wolf/vampire guys rather different to our genderfluid shy Thomas the Foxbutt, so bear in mind the target audience isn't the same as on furry sites.

Uploading to Literotica can be painful.

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Anyway, I made a new .txt file with the bit of Foxbutt I wanted to show off, and wrote an apology for doing italics _like this_ at the start. The results, since the 21st: 560 views, 12 faves, 2 comments, 8 watchers. Despite having a much worse interface for reading, Fur Affinity gets more attention and interaction.

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Fur Affinity:

Posted parts 1 and 2 the same days as on SoFurry. Fur Affinity's reading and uploading interfaces stink. There's no inline editor so you can't just paste in part of a story - you've gotta upload a file, and the only file types they accept are txt, doc, docx, odt, rtf or pdf, none of which have any place in e-publishing. Worse, only .txt uploads are shown to site visitors! Any other file type, the visitor has to download before viewing with whatever program. Dreadful.

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SoFurry results:
I posted the second bit of Foxbutt onto SoFurry the day after I posted the first part (21st and 22nd of June) and so far part 1 has gathered 71 views, 1 vote (5 stars), 1 fave, 3 watchers and no comments.

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Results and experience of posting the first 5k words of my first furry story (which is called "Foxbutt") to SoFurry, Fur Affinity, and Literotica!

The upload interface, and the read interface, is great. I write in Markdown so I do italics _like this._ There's a HTML option in the upload form, so all I've gotta do is a five-second online markdown-to-html conversion, paste the results into that box, and it's done.


I posted Foxbutt to Furaffinity and SoFurry. Within twelve hours I already had lovely comments - someone told me that they'd read the story aloud to their wife and they'd both loved it.

While I was reading that comment it was thunderstorming outside and I had this image of a couple curled up cozy in comfy chairs and reading the thing I'd written and, when they'd finished, wondering aloud when the next part would be.

So of COURSE I had to post the next bit :)

I posted a preview of Foxbutt on SoFurry! It's the first time I've ever uploaded anything furry. I hope you like it, and please tell me what you think?


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