Writing a story about a lady fucking a trans raccoon alien guy and it's disastrous in a wonderful sort of way. They've weirded each other out with alien things - she's freaked him out by trying to tongue-kiss him and he's freaked her out by taking his dick off and handing it to her so they're about even. They're both absolute fuckups in day-to-day life but they're settling into Horny Galactic Ambassador roles well and being very polite with each other. It's a thirsty comedy of errors

I understand the intention behind when two male characters show affection for each other and every person in the fandom is immediately like "they're gay and dating" because we do need more gay content

But on the other paw I'm like. Please let straight guys show affection and love to each other

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Hey everyone. I made a strap on harness toolbelt hybrid. Entirely designed, handmade and handsewn by me. The idea started as a joke but actually I created something deeply meaningful to myself. Enjoy.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/modeltrees/status/

linkedin is just furaffinity for businesssonas

Explicit re: Lewd writing talk 

If the room doesn't end up ankle deep in cum I'm doing something wrong

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Old timey long johns with a butt flap for fuckin

New NSFW (short?) story: Leash 

Okay so "short" is debatable because it's not book-length but it's still like 14 thousand words whoops when did that happen

Anyways this one has explicit sex in it but it's not suuuuper out there? Certainly not as much as the other ones I've written. It's about dom/sub and petplay, though, so keep that in mind.

In this case I would love feedback on the length, because I've never tried writing anything this big. If it feels drawn out and you lost interest because of that, I'd like to know.

- Furry people
- Sex
- Dom/sub and ownership
- Petplay
- Mentions of food

Read here:
Or if you don't have a Gemini browser:

fucked up how white people came up with the term "expat" just to mean "same thing as immigrant but white and wealthy"

re: NSFW furry story recommendation 

Really though, I can't remember the last time I was this invested in a fictional straight pair

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NSFW furry story recommendation 

Today I finished reading Beautiful Foxbutt by @Featherwatt (the sequel to Foxbutt) and it's just as funny, sweet, genuine and hot as the first.

Both are very recommended if the words "this is the cutest porn I have ever read" sound appealing to you at all. And if you like foxes. smashwords.com/books/byseries/

Sexuality (not lewd), recovery from purity culture 

Recently been realizing just how much healing I have left to do from being subjected to a particularly nasty and vehement strain of purity culture and sex-shaming in my formative years.

My own inner turmoil around expressing and acting on attraction is palpable to the very people I most wish to share it with, and it's heartbreaking.

I've run across a few odds and ends to help with this sort of thing over the years, but if anyone happens to know any decent resources - especially queer-affirming and/or trauma-informed ones - I'd deeply appreciate suggestions.

(Boosts welcome)

re: US Pol, urination, vampire erotica, fainting 

I will only vote for a politician who has passed out after pissing themselves while hoarsely reading vampire erotica for 27 hours at the podium

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Watching Matrix Revolutions and Neo and Smith are flying around in the rain and punching and hugging and OH MY GOD JUST KISS ALREADY

@buttplugio@twitter.com All of this is to say:

Maybe having 10 tweetdeck columns isn't healthy sometimes.

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@buttplugio@twitter.com Crypto dildo tweet just adds the contention of the currency community to that, so you get all sorts of weird disgusts happening at the same time on Sex/Tech/IoT/crypto/etc and it becomes a grilled cheese sandwich of everyone's yucks that you shouldn't try to pull apart.

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@buttplugio@twitter.com This isn't about lack of knowledge of teledildonics. Everyone has their first "BUTTPLUGS, ON MY INTERNET?!" moment sometime.

But the reaction to it. Usually the stories are overblown and not the greatest starting point, but we loop IoT disgust in with sex disgust and hoo boy.

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@buttplugio@twitter.com Watching sentiment on stories like this, with "WAIT THERE ARE APP DILDOS?" comments, is my personal gauge of how much we've humanized tech and how people that touch grass more than I do understand that. It's a niche of a niche but when you do this for 17 years you get myopic.

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@buttplugio@twitter.com Information on and acceptance of remote or automated intimacy is odd.

For being such a human-centered endeavor (at least, until computers decide to fuck each other without us) based on human-built technology, it's a future that seems oddly less evenly distributed than usual.

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So @buttplugio@twitter.com is at its core a social project. Yes there's a shitton of code/anger at bluetooth/etc, but this is more about socially normalizing intimate technology.

I gauge sentiment by watching large stories, even fake/viral ones.

Especially fake/viral ones.


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