My partner's uncle has written a book, and I've agreed to make it an ebook. Here's a before-and-after of Chapter 1.

Can we stop using word processors yet?


I had a website with two other writery friends and the domain renewal got hecked up and so now we don't have a website. So now I'm trying to get my own website together and first thing is sort out a domain, right?

Well, is taken by some Australian real estate agent. Also there are all these fancy hip new tlds and I kind of want one but narrowing that down is gonna be hard.

Furry, non-graphic, foxbutt 

I commissioned a friend to help me out a bit with the anatomy, and I swapped up the background a little. Here's version 2 of my new book cover! I think it's a big improvement. What do you think?

My first attempt at furry art! (abstract, non-graphic fox butt) 

A slightly updated version.

It's supposed to be a fox guy lying down and peering back at you over his shoulder. My partner saw a butt and a disembodied unrelated fox head, so either my placement is wrong or I need to add in one or two vague torso/spine lines after all.

(I did have a torso sketched in but decided less is more)

(maybe a shoulder? Shoulders are sexy)

(still can't draw)

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My first attempt at furry art! (abstract, non-graphic fox butt) 

I can't draw worth a damn so I'm doing a more abstract thing. This is for the cover of my most recent story, which will end up being called "Foxbutt" if I don't come up with a better name soon. What do y'all think? Is it okay?


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