@buttplugio the future is here!

(this may not be exactly the future that some of us were anticipating, and some adjustment may be necessary. Let's all try to be extra kind to each other during the transition to our new fleshlight-controlled-trombone-rhythm-gaming-based society)

Polycrylic is white in the can but dries clear. After every round I've gotta clean my brush.

"Dan, doesn't washing all that sticky drippy white goo out of that orange-and-white foxtail-like brush remind you of some of your followers here?"

No it doesn't, don't be weird.

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You know what I really want? Low stakes mystery novels. I love murder mystery stories but I would like something that gives the same satisfying feeling of figuring out a puzzle along with the characters, without being about people getting murdered.

How horny have I been this week?
Well I saw this video of a machine that spanks the dust out of rugs and immediately went "Yeah, I'm gonna sit on that"

This solarpunk alien shapeshifter story was supposed to be hetero and it's turning out rrrrrather gay

Amazon recently announced that beginning in late 2022 it will no longer accept Mobi ebooks through its Send-to-Kindle service.

Instead, it will support ePub ebook files sent to its Kindle devices and apps through the service.


@IPXFong @ifixcoinops I haven't used it as a phone-phone, just a rad little pocket-sized writing computer using the keyboard case. For that, it's great! Also OK for occasional web surfing, but only on not-shitty websites - if a site's running a couple megs of tracking crap then you're gonna have a Bad Time.

The story is about an alien raccoon guy fucking a cis human woman. The theme is trying to assure consent while negotiatiating weird alien culture/tech and being a bit of a fuckup, and the mood is wholesome/horny/funny. There are many mistakes and disasters but it doesn't veer into cringe comedy (at least I don't think it does, that's another thing I want beta readers to tell me about). Pls let me know if you'd like to beta-read in a week or so <3

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Alright so @ifixcoinops lent me his Pinephone with a keyboard case so I could write porn with it, and a) it's rad and b) I'm nearly done with the porn and I need beta readers; specifically I need transmasc beta readers, because this story has a transmasc character and I want to make sure I've portrayed him well.

I have transmasc friends IRL who are going to test the story for me, but am not myself transmasc, so I just wanna make sure I haven't written something bad or in any way hurtful.

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Writing a story about a lady fucking a trans raccoon alien guy and it's disastrous in a wonderful sort of way. They've weirded each other out with alien things - she's freaked him out by trying to tongue-kiss him and he's freaked her out by taking his dick off and handing it to her so they're about even. They're both absolute fuckups in day-to-day life but they're settling into Horny Galactic Ambassador roles well and being very polite with each other. It's a thirsty comedy of errors

I understand the intention behind when two male characters show affection for each other and every person in the fandom is immediately like "they're gay and dating" because we do need more gay content

But on the other paw I'm like. Please let straight guys show affection and love to each other

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Hey everyone. I made a strap on harness toolbelt hybrid. Entirely designed, handmade and handsewn by me. The idea started as a joke but actually I created something deeply meaningful to myself. Enjoy.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/modeltrees/status/

@ifixcoinops Y'know how coke doesn't have a slogan anymore, they don't bother to try and sell the product, they just put up a sign that says "Coca-Cola" and you go "Hmm yeah, that's a thing I already know I like, I'll go get one of those"


@ifixcoinops I like the tiny keyboard but can you actually type on it

linkedin is just furaffinity for businesssonas

Explicit re: Lewd writing talk 

If the room doesn't end up ankle deep in cum I'm doing something wrong

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Old timey long johns with a butt flap for fuckin

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