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🧙‍♀️Anyway the library's just past the hardware store - see Mags up on the ladder there?
🙋Repainting the sign?
👩‍🎨Staining actually!
🧙‍♀️Let's just walk around her ladder and give her a wide berth - wouldn't wanna get dripped on.
👩‍🎨Good call, this stuff never comes out. Oh, mind the unicycling juggler, he's going for a world record

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👨‍🍳Nah it ain't gonna kill you or nothing but there's a real fine line between a nice tongue tingle and a night of explosive diarrhoea
🧙‍♀️That's a 55-gallon drum, right?
👨‍🍳Two of 'em, I'm stocking up for the year. Just gotta hold it real steady while I get the cellar door open.
🧙‍♀️Well we'll leave you to it and not distract you further

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🧙‍♀️Poor Sasha. Anyway, the library's this way - we're just passing the fireworks shop here on the left, and over the road to the right is the best restaurant in town, Big Jim's - oh hi Jim! You getting a delivery?
👨‍🍳Yeah, this here's the special stuff. One pinch of this gives the soup a nice kick.
🙋One pinch, huh?
👨‍🍳Yeah, one pinch. NO MORE. Gotta be judicious with the stuff. HEY YOUSE GUYS BE CAREFUL DAMNIT, YOU DON'T WANNA BREATHE THIS STUFF IN
🧙‍♀️It isn't dangerous, is it Jim?

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🧙‍♀️Good lord Tony what happened to you?
🤕Poor Sasha here broke a tooth, she's really out of sorts as you can see.
🧙‍♀️Yes I see that, that carrier's really violently thrashing around huh. Poor Sasha, she's normally such a well-behaved skunk.
🤕Well she's really pissed off right now, I'm just taking her in to see doc Jones.
🙋uh... has she bitten you, dude? Your belt's all, kinda...
🤕Oh, thank you, I didn't even notice that. Wow, my pants are being held up by a THREAD huh
🧙‍♀️Good luck Tony

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🧙‍♀️You new in town, huh?
🙋I just arrived!
🧙‍♀️Well, this is a great little collection of shops on the high street here. There's Patricia's Pointy Plants, she specializes in cacti but she's doing a special right now on rosebushes and brambles.
🙋That's... specialized!
🧙‍♀️Sure is! And here - whoops, mind those lads carrying the stained-glass window, they've been restoring that thing for like eleven months now - here's mister Jones the vet. Oh, hey Tony!

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🙋Excuse me, can you show me the way to the library?
🧙‍♀️Sure, I'm actually on my way there now! Just walk this way!
🙋Oh, thankyou!
🧙‍♀️No trouble at all! Oh, hang on a sec - you need a hand there Jim? Changing a wheel on the cabbage wagon I see
:welp: Nah I'm good, so long as this jack holds
🧙‍♀️Okay, be careful, it's a real steep hill. Alright my friend, right this way...

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I've been wanting for a while to set up in some story a ludicrously fragile street. I don't know how exactly it'd tie into anything but I really wanna write it

@Featherwatt @taamas Trying to take a better approach to book metadata and DRM-free formats over at my e-bookshop, Scarlet Ferret.

Authors get 80% of List Price (nit profit minus transaction fees), and we include as much metadata as possible. After seeing the atrocious gaps in useful data from some Big Publisher e-books uploaded to Libreture, this seemed a must.

@Featherwatt @taamas


Hiding basic functionality is a giveaway that the business model is based on locking in consumers.

Oh, take a look at the Good E-Reader shop for a selection of devices from a range of manufacturers.

Strap On Mittens is finally live!

I just uploaded it a few minutes ago and it's not on Amazon yet or linked from my site, so Fedifolk are the first to see it.

I know it's only a short story but I write slow and this took me basically all year so I hope I sell a few copies :P

I'm giving away 20 free copies of my first furry story "Foxbutt" on Smashwords!

Use the coupon code TM67C and you can get the book in a range of formats for any ereader, computer, phone or browser.

I'm doing this via Smashwords because once you buy a book you own it, whereas Amazon can straight-up remove access to books you've bought. Also Smashwords takes a smaller cut of the retail price, so it's better for authors too.

Anyway I've used a lot of ereaders and ereader apps over the last fifteen years and the best app I've found so far is Moon+ Reader on Android. I read mostly on my phone because it's always with me, but when I want to use a dedicated e-ink eBook-reading device, my favourite so far is a Sony PRS-505. They're about $25 on eBay. To light it up at night I use a booklight wrapped in Rubylith (which you can also get on eBay). The Rubylith filters all but red light, so reading doesn't keep me awake.

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@Featherwatt I never got into ereaders, but the big thing the Kindle app pushes is that it will 'sync' your reading across devices.

Which... is a really common thing. Hell, the Google books app that comes preloaded on most phones does this AND has a read aloud function AND can load ebooks that bought from places other than google.

Thu Robin Reliant was a great car if you'd never driven a car before, and it sold like hotcakes because you could drive it on a motorbike license and the people who bought it really hadn't driven a car before.

(it only had three wheels)

((yes, they did roll over quite frequently))

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New technology like this has a period where competition can be bypassed with aggressive marketing. The same thing happened with MP3 players - remember the iPod? It was really expensive and not very good compared to the MP3 players that came before it, but MP3 players were a niche thing and Apple ran lots of adverts not to make MP3 players mainstream, but to make the iPod mainstream. They bypassed the competition by shouting about a thousand songs in your pocket.

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So if you put a mediocre machine into the hands of people who've never used anything like it, you can generate a lot of buzz and good reviews. People new to ereaders (which is even today most people) don't compare the kindle to any of the far better and cheaper ereaders available, they compare it to not having an ereader at all. Likewise the app, which still lacks the most basic functionality present in ereader apps on 3.5-inch Windows Mobile phones back in 2005.

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I've got a lot of Opinions about amazon and their monopolistic business practices which I'll spare you because you've heard them all before, but my big problem with the kindle specifically is that it's just a really poor ereader. The kindle app for your phone, likewise, a really poor ereading app.

Ereaders are still new enough that the first time you try one, even if it's a mediocre one as ereaders go, it's a revolutionary experience.

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There's a thread going on on Metafilter right now about Kindles and it really makes me want to write that blog post about why my books are cheaper on Smashwords than on Amazon.

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