I bought a bean bag chair btw. With the sale and a coupon code I dug up it was just about half the usual retail.

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Now that Desert Bus is over I can start mining the VST for the gems I missed. First up the story time saga with Jacob.

My living room super duper needs a new coat of paint.

kinda almost a productive day. I'll take it. Now I shall go to bed at 1 pm because I am broken and strange.

I have so much to do but it's just not in me today.

The thing Nintendo fears most in this world is angry parents. Suddenly breaking a game they just got for their kid and just payed $80 for unless you pony up another $20 now? WOW, that is like tailor made to make a Dad's head explode.

I don't think Nintendo pay gate for online play is going to last very long myself.

Seem to be on the other side of the depressive spell I was having. On to the clean up phase I guess. Need to reset my caffeine addiction level, tidy the house, do some proper food shopping.

I would sure love some ear buds that won't die after two months. I surely would.

Oh jeese, you cab finally just buy proper cpap machines off amazon. I need to start saving money.

Anyway I look forwards to the inevitable condescending complaints full of false
equivalence about animation quality ans style by youtube know it alls.

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