Wtf is going on with 2020!? Seeing that in on the news was like 😱

Never ever seen that before, I feel sorry for those died, those who lost someone and those who have their lives ruined because of this.

Do not shame folks for being averse towards the terminal. Not everyone is as adventurous or (gasp!) fearless as you.

Example: my partner is averse to using the terminal for fear of making a grave mistake (as anyone learning about linux *should* be). I tell them that they should explore a little bit but to be careful when they do.

You don't tell someone to "stop being a pussy" when they express hesitation. You quell the hesitation by assuring them that you'll be there to help if they need it.

The worst thing about public timelines is porn that shows up and it ain't even normal porn... wtf is with the slimeposting shit? A new term to add to my filters... I love Mastodon but...

Wow... if what I have heard about George Floyd is accurate then wow, that is such a shame. Police seem to be quite bad across the pond. Rest in peace, mate... ⚰️

The potentially global scale of COVID-19 contract tracing apps, and their collection of sensitive health and association information, presents new privacy and security risks for more users.

Are we being loose with the terms “open source” and “private” if we utilize Google, Facebook, & Twitter scripts, listeners and CDNs in websites and apps (even if they claim to be “open”)?

Jane Goodall: "It is our disregard for nature and our disrespect of the animals we should share the planet with that has caused this pandemic, that was predicted long ago." #JaneGoodall #JaneGoodallQuotes #Quote #Vegan #Veganism

What is with some bots posting stupid stuff like a random word + a specific word or some emoji stuff?

What do Spotify, Venmo, Tinder, TikTok & DoorDash have in common?

Their apps all crashed last week because they send data to Facebook, and Facebook had a bug!

Since tracking code is in so many apps, we strongly recommend deleting apps you rarely use.

Original tweet :

Google's slogan used to be "Don't be evil".

Aged like milk right there.

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