Yeah I admit it there is economic slowdown in India.
Which made us unable to buy any of the MLA's from in MH to form the govt.
I will tell Nirmala thai to put her all weight of the brain to solve it.

Even I used to do the same thing when I see a cute puppy on the road side.

Though we are the 1st largest party in the maharashtra. We are not able to make govt and gave chance to the second largest party Shiv Sena.
I think they have CDs of our Gujarat riots.

So finally I made so much of hard work in order to restore H1B visas.
I just remembered Mr. Trump that he's gonna have to face election very soon.
The connection is all NRIs are my bhakts so if you listen to my word then they will vote for you. So it worked.
So without my dude amit I made it happen.
Im a

My dude amit did a small mistake by giving chance to the Shiv Sena to form the govt in maharashtra.
Now they are doing tamasha of my govt 🤒😧

Iss mahapurush ko kya takhlib hain bai.
I will send my fellow crew from ED. Just wait and watch.

Patah hai na app sambko,
This is the man who made OUR election commission look like urban naxal's, group of people who does not listening to the government.
But now I have thrown out all a the peoples like him in the election commission. So now it is clean, unbiased.

Today talks with my sissy Mamata Banarjee, who sends kurtas and sweets every year to me, And mentioned about the , told her a boy I also know some blackmagic so that I can Influence it just like trump. ✌️

My friend didn't got his chance to take a hand over maharastra govt bcz of that shivsena. I think tackrey family has some CDs of my buddy amit.

Surely I will take care of you bro, chill maro apoon tereko chaddi dost ka Stan deta hain.

One great person said : mistake done again and again is not a mistake its a decision.
But I wanted to tell him that the spelling of the strength in Indian English it's STREANH. ✌️

Whoever may be the initiator in the ram ratha yatra, I'm the one who wants to claim all the credits at the final.
Bcz I'm a hard worker mitroon...

Mitroon, Patha hai na app sabko
Me & only me solved the .
Now my new target is to make cow as a national animal, Taj- mahal as Tejo mahal.

I also managed to take whole credit of and masked the work of everyone in this peace process.
I'm a hard working ever. ✌️

I'm successfully managed to divert everybody's attention to look towards rather than my terrible master stroke of note ban.thank you mitroon...

There is difference between Balanced Judgement and Balancing Judgement.

Faith can't be reason behind any judgment...... but then please have faith on judgment

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