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The greatest gift is to find a compatible human being that shares your weird dreams.

Lessons learned with ldap: basically everything can fuck up your day, that is completelly not relevant in modern config files...

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still sad, that I missed the opportunity to see Totem Skin back than... their record "Weltschmerz" is still an amazing piece of /

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I miss the days when "hackathon" meant "come hack with us on any project of your choosing, just come and chill and hack" not "exploitive free labor."

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Get 40% off of all ebooks at @nostarch with coupon code DRMFREE40 - - for Day Against DRM.

Also: DRM is stupid.

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For anyone that wants to know how Rojava's political system functions, check out Neighbor Democracy's short documentary 'The Communes of Rojava'. It defines what a commune is and goes into depth about the various communal committees; Defence, Health, Peace & Consensus, Economics, Education and Women's committees, that allow society in Rojava to direct itself :rojava: #RiseUp4Rojava

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From now on, whenever there are Jihadist attacks, let us remember that Trump and his supporters are partly responsible.

And let us never forget the people Erdoğan is murdering in #Rojava, who die fighting to hold tyranny at bay.

Poster—please circulate:

*sigh* on days like today it's hard to not consider driving the car instead of douchebahn and local public transport... srsly left the HQ around 12-12:30 and will be at home around 21:00... by car it would probably be 2-3h less, depending on traffic.

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Heute vor 25 Jahren:

1994 – Der erste Vorschlag für „Cascading HTML style sheets“ wird vom CERN-Mitarbeiter Håkon Wium Lie veröffentlicht.

Douchebahn, just 45min late in a smaller train, that travels slower... *sigh* this is why people drive cars and I can understand that.

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Sesame Street, a show created for public access television to help kids from low-income families learn to read and write, is being put being a paywall which will prevent the kids who most need it from accessing it.
The past 50 seasons are also included in that so they can't be streamed anywhere else.

Fuck capitalism.

Pirate Sesame Street.

Looking at the recent events in rojava and the attack on a synagoge here in germany sickens me and fill my heart with sadness... where are we going as a society? Why do we allow those things to happen nationally and globally? What happened to humanist values? Fucking Nazis killed a conservative party politician this year,shot on jewisch people yesterday, set dozens if not hundrets of fires to refugee camps this year. The turkish dictator is committing a fucking genocide.

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"TIL there is a community of solarpunks salvaging abandoned boats and living off of like $300 a month on them while running decentralized web infrastructure."

Iiiiits the scuttleship! :D

A reply: "Is 100 rabbits a part of this group?"

@neauoire @rek

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Wenn euch jemand fragt: Lieber Cuba Libre als Kubernetes.

Alles andere ist eine Falle.

looking at politics, movements & my birdsite bubble... amazing how much german lefties burn chances while fighting purity politics and discrediting each other... XR is actually a huge chance to challange the status quo and lots of people who scream for change every other day say it's to radical and attract the wrong ppl, etc. etc. - you KNOW that established politics will not bring real change, look at the goals, don't get lost in the process. There is no way around radicalism in big changes.

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Do you think that #HamBSD is a cool project? Do you want to motivate me to work harder on it? I made a Patreon thing so you can do that.

#OpenBSD #hamradio
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Der Hamburgische Senat will das #Transparenzgesetz einschränken. Welche internen Abstimmungen dazu geführt haben, will die zuständige Justizbehörde allerdings geheimhalten. Wie passend.

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Aus der Zwischenzeit:
"Web Servers:
1991: 1
1992: 10
1993: 50
1994: 623
1995: 10,022
1996: 100,000
1997: 603,367
1998: ~1.6 million
1999: ~3.7 million
2000: ~9.5 million
2001: ~26 million
2002: ~36 million
2003: ~35 million
2004: more than ~46 million
2019: more than 1,717,077,725"

"2020: 50. Cloudflare, aws, Google and a handful more."

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