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The greatest gift is to find a compatible human being that shares your weird dreams.

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Lemmy is free (as in freedom) federated link aggregator similar to Reddit. You subscribe to communities you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote and comment on them. There are over 1600 different communities!

Main instance:

#Lemmy #Reddit #LinkAggregator #Fediverse

anyone here running a ( / ) on a laptop? experiences so far?

general experience with their laptops?

the pulse 14 looks very nice but I can't really find a lot of usable reviews until now where the reviewer runs anything other then their stock- or ubuntu on it :/

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... sideproject of Blut Aus Nord it seems, recommended for fans of theirs and similar acts in #blackmetal . Great stuff. 🙂
#bandcamp #blackmetal #blutausnord #france

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The little one has a bad day and is waiting longingly for his mistress, probably not the time to tell him, that he is not a cat, even if he likes to behave like one.

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#BOFH excuse #446:

Mailer-daemon is busy burning your message in hell.

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I have not looked for my own place as the primary tenant in a long, long time and have forgotten how.

People who look for #apartments in #Germany:

1) what information do I include when emailing the owner/landlord? Should I mention my job, hobbies, etc?

2) I have an old copy of my SCHUFA, and will order a new one. Do they need only the certificate looking thing, or do they want to see all of the pages?

3) Any other tips of things to say/not-say?

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Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming March #hackerweekened starting with the monthly 2600 world wide meetup on the first Friday of the month ^_^

#twenty600 #hackthesystem #hack

Trying to get a vaccination date for my 97y old grandpa and 92y old grandma because my parents gave up because they could not reach anyone by phone and they don't internet very well... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME GERMANY?!?!

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…und wenn sie einen halben Hahn bestellen und ein Käsebrötchen(!) bekommen, geht das auch klar.

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covid, arbeitsrecht 


"Das Krankenhaus in Recklinghausen bietet auf Intensivstationen alle 120 Minuten eine Maskenpause und hatte eine Verkürzung abgelehnt. " [...]
"In der Güteverhandlung schlug der Richter vor, dass das Krankenhaus die Versetzung zurücknehmen und Pausen alle 120 Minuten garantieren solle. Das Haus werde den Vorschlag gründlich prüfen, sagte ein Krankenhaussprecher. "

Lies: Wir versuchen alle 120 Min eine Pause anzubieten. Scheitert halt.

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That grumpy BSD guy: RFC7505 Means Yes, Your Domain Can Refuse to Handle Mail. Please Leave Us a TXT If You Do. (with thanks to @thorsheim for reminding me of that actually useful RFC)

Hard life is hard... And nope, you'll geht that chair never back again hoooman

how to spot the difference between DIY underground bands and created elitist hype underground bands?

DIY-Band: silkscreen printed shirts, 12eur
elitist-hype-band: limited edition shirts, only 50 copies 35eur

fuck elitism.

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Also vote anyway, for the Universal Base Income in Europe petition, on the website of the European Commission (If you're European), and share it. 🙏

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