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The greatest gift is to find a compatible human being that shares your weird dreams.

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Hey fediverse,

I have the opportunity to stay #abroad in #france and do research there for a few months.
What are good ways / platforms for finding #accomodation, especially as a foreigner who doesn't speak french much?


@Lyrilith nächste ghostship? yes? no? maybe? :) wir sind wohl da \o/

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Der shack braucht eure Hilfe!

13 Jahre Hacken.

13 Jahre Nerd-Kultur.

13 Jahre Basteln mit Freunden und Freundinnen.

Nun bald alles Technik-Schrott?

Genau das steht uns bevor.

Ja, ihr lest richtig: Der shackspace steht vor dem Aus. Unser Hauptquartier in S-Wangen wird im Juni abgerissen. Wir brauchen jede Hilfe, um den Verein zu retten.

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TIL about , one of the world's most popular chess servers, run entirely on free software by a nonprofit, ad-free, supported by donations with a budget of ~$420K/year according to

They've been around since 2010.

As awesome as this is to see, imagine how many free/open nonprofit alternatives to Big Tech platforms would exist if, down to the municipal level, we decided to support them with funding & infrastructure.

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Bei uns steht dieser Schreibtisch. Er muss hier weg. Wer ihn abholt, kann ihn kostenlos haben. Findet sich da jemand? Ansonsten müssten wir ihn zu Kleinholz machen.
Wäre doch schade...

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Die norwegische Post hat einen schöne Weihnachtswerbung veröffentlicht :rainbow_heart_eyes:

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Wer kann mir ein Fediverse-Blogging-System empfehlen? Plume scheint ja irgendwie verlassen zu sein, Write freely scheint noch zu existieren...
Könnt ihr was empfehlen? Gerne mit Instanz dazu.

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Japanese thermo flasks are just a completely different game 🤯
Way lighter, one-handed opening (lid flips completely back on its own), big spout to not burn mouth, head can be disassembled for thorough cleaning.

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Can anybody recommend a tool that's good for taking notes including mathematical formulas?

My current approach is pen+paper+LaTeX. 😬

(boosts appreciated 🙏)

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Reading the announcement post of a GNOME library that shall go unnamed:

“There is no documentation yet, but I’m slowly getting more and more tests added which can serve as examples in the mean time. Go read some code, it’s good for you.”


Can we please cancel this mentality?

#development #documentation #noMoreAlphaGeeks

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If you want to beat the rush:

I'm putting "Immortal Clay" on sale for scary season. If you think John Carpenter's "The Thing" quit too soon, this book is for you.

Probably the second most messed-up book I've ever written. The most messed-up book I've ever written, of course, is the sequel, "Kipuka Blues." (Yes, they're more WTF than *that* book.)

The least expensive way to get it is straight from my store, bundled with the sequel.

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So far, nobody has tested the above patch on an iwx(4) device with PCI product ID 0x34f0.

By now I have 40MHz channel support working on my AX200 device. But my 40MHz support patch depends on this previous patch which still needs a quick test to see if the "Qu-c0-hr-b0" firmware image remains happy.

Any takers? You'll get a 40Mhz support patch in return for your efforts :flan_flowers:

#openbsd #wifi

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I'm here for like two weeks. It feels much better than constantly being on Facebook. I'm calmer and more present.

But I really miss my and tribe. I have noone to really share this passion with in real life, and there seems to be like I'm the only mastodon user in this niche.
Maybe I should not care and just create. It just feels a bit lonely like this.

Or maybe I'm just too stupid to navigate the . But I'm really not that geeky Person...

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"Coinbase just signed a deal with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department to the tune of $1.36 million, for which it will provide ICE with data and analytics around how Americans are buying and spending various cryptocurrencies."

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