*sigh* updating apu-bios is something like "here you get this error, that indicates that you'll brick the box, when you force this command" ... and on some point on a mailinglist you find the answer, that you are forced to force the command, because at somepoint someone accidently forgot one space character in the firmware and the check always spits out a false-positive error.
I love those little boxes, but this is simply Bullshit.

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Anybody using an APU2 and installed OpenBSD 6.5 on it recently? For some reason mine hangs during the boot of the install at: "entry point at 0x100100"
and reboots. :(

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Auch wenn noch unklar ist, wie sich Mikroplastik auf die Gesundheit auswirkt: Nach einer WWF-Studie nimmt ein Mensch bis zu fünf Gramm Mikroplastik pro Woche davon auf - das entspricht einer Kreditkarte. www.tagesschau.de/inland/mikro…
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So my junior went to BSidesLondon this year and gave her first security talk. You can see it here youtube.com/watch?v=ukLNKa2Fhw

Those that have followed me for awhile may remember me discussing taking a junior with no IT/Security background and training them up because they showed something special. This is the result. Super proud

Internet in germany:
5days in a hotel: 2mbit down, 1mbit up, 12500MB traffic limit... samewhere between sad, a joke and thankfull because mobile net is edge inside the room...🙄

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Minister*innen, die im Jahr 2019 davon reden, dass für die jungen Leute 40 Jahre Vollbeschäftigung nicht mehr selbstverständlich sind: auf welchem Planeten leben die?

Das war schon für mich nie selbstverständlich, und ich bin 50+.

Wie unglaublich weltfremd ist diese Politik.

I've an invite to a scala-party in the near future in hamburg... uhm, why on earth do people think i know scala?!

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@lattera has removed git from its pkg repo? Fresh installed system with HBSD12-Stable, ran hbsd-update and pkg update -f other things installed just fine, pkg-install git-lite solved the issue for now but it looks kinda strange to me, that the "normal" git package seems to be N/A

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THIS is how VPN connections should look like. My home connection is 200Mbps down/50Mbps up and I'm pretty satisfied with my first test...

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Mobilizon, the upcoming open federated alternative to Facebook Events, has reached its first crowdfunding goal of €20k:


This covers development of the events software itself.

The next goal, €35k, adds federation through ActivityPub, which will let people on the Fediverse share and join events. This could be crucial to helping many more people leave Facebook 👍

You can donate at the link above, and follow them on here at:


#Alternatives #DeleteFacebook

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Vielleicht ist es gar keine Frage der Kommunikation, von PDFs, Pullis, Gamer-Stühlen, sondern eine der realen Politik?

Das Gute daran wäre: das ließe sich politisch lösen. Einfach mal nicht mehr machen, was die Lobbyverbände vorschlagen, sondern den eigenen Kindern zuhören.

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Technology is Lovecraftian horror realized. The more you understand, the deeper the terror you experience. 😱​

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JavaScript in browsers can access localhost HTTP network, even on HTTPS pages. Can run port scans, for example. twitter.com/davywtf/status/113

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Ich habe so oft in meinem 35jährigen Berufsleben mit übergriffigen CDU-Amtsträgern zu tun gehabt, dass mir #rezo mit seinem Video in vielen Punkten aus dem Herzen gesprochen hat.

Und, Leute, ich in 59

Ein Beispiel von vielen


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Self-care means something different for everyone. Do the things that will help you feel better.

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I haven’t been updating much since I have been working all the time, and also working on my comic, Wander!

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If anyone knows Rust and would like to help a federated social network server, feel free to take a look at: https://kibou.social

Any kind of help/contribution is always appreciated! :)
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