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RT @BSidesLjubljana@twitter.com: ladies CFP is open - bsidesljubljana.si/cfp
@BSidesLjubljana@twitter.com @SecurityBSides@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BSidesLjubljana/st

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Guys, please don't use this website to conduct anything that would land me in legal trouble.

Instance admins are usually single individuals who have their domains and servers registered against their names, we're not giant corporations with infinite legal defence funds.

What you do here has an impact, please consider that.

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#DeepSec Very interesting research by SRlabs over multiple industries and regions creating a comparable “hackability score”.

Europe mostly has some catching up to do.


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Wir ziehen aus Hamburg und das kurzfristig. Deswegen haben wir
- eine Matratze (160cm)
- ein Bett (180cm)
- einen Kühlschrank (otto.me/2FMk9I8 )
- eine Waschmaschine
- 2 2x2 kalax

An Personen mit wenig Geld zu verschenken. Interesse? Einfach melden :-)


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On azure I make a vm and add a large disk. At no point will it tell me how much this disk costs per/month or hour

I delete the vm and all of hte resources, disks (including os disk and extra), network interfaces, ip addresses persist.

Is there a charge to hold an ip? I bet, how much and where I would find that I don't know.

Because I am running on credit I never get a 'bill' so I never get an itemized list of what.

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#LinkedIn spams invitations. They do. People tell me they're not even in front of their computer, yet I receive invitations from them.

How can we make #LinkedIn accountable for their #spam?


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"You sent me a text file, I need a PEM file!"

*changes file ending*
*sends mail again*
*shakes head*

The longer I keep myself busy with computers the more stuff I discover that is possible awesome but will force you to go on a journey through the realm of pain and mindfuckery...

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#Nachhaltigkeit digitalisieren? #openSource Programmierer gesucht? Data Scientist gesucht? Kognitionswissenschaftler gesucht? Gerne Nachricht an mich, ich freue mich über einen IT-Job im Nachhaltigkeitsbereich im Raum #Münster. Danke 😇 #bitsUndBäume

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A skill our parents couldn't teach us: Limit feed intake. E.g. do not read the news in the morning. Don't read email in the evening. Avoid addictive media.

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Im Dokument "Analyse der Telemetriekomponente in Windows 10" hat das BSI die Wirksamkeit bzw. die Praktikabilität der Unterbindung von Telemetriedaten untersucht.

Mein Fazit: Windows 10 ist Spyware, die der normale Nutzer nicht kontrollieren kann.


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German word of the day: Feierabendrunde.

*sigh* it's possible that I should rethink/downsize this whole home- on steroids thing... at the current state my cabling could be 25GBASE-T ready but the switches are simply insane expensive -esp. for not having a sane reason to have this kind of hardware...

On the positive side: I could always just attach 10GBASE-T or even 1000BASE-T hardware and won't have the need to think about the wires in the walls ever again...

damn ...

Full 2nd saturday touring building centres and furniture shops... more moving preperations soon and GF and I agreed on building large parts of the stuff for the new home by ourselves because ikea sucks and the price on proper furnitures are simply insane if one can use some basic tools...

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