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♲ @utzer@social.yl.ms: Hey there social media hosting people and developers working on any of the #Fediverse systems!

Is there anyone of you at the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig this year right after Christmas? Is there anyone interested to have a meeting there?

Just some exchange, we would need some people to moderate the event, but basically some meetup to exchange information and get to know other players in the field.
"Someone" could then register a "talk" or "meetup" for the upcoming congress, I'd say a duration of about 1.5 to 2 hours and maybe 60+ people can be expected, assuming there is many #webmasters or #developers among the visitors at the #35C3.

Any #devs and #webmaster of the following systems, or any that I might have missed that are using #ActivityPup and can communicate with the others, please comment here if you like the idea!
#Friendica #Diaspora #red #Hubzilla #GnuSocial #StatusNet #Mastodon #Pleroma #Socialhome #Ganggo

Let me know if you have any questions.

#35c3 #fediverse #federation

Today I bought my first paper book on *BSD, it's the 3rd edition of absolute FreeBSD from @mwlucas and I can't wait to hold it in my hands :)

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Cyber Crime Serverless Infections in der Cloud.


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Falls ihr es noch nicht gehört habt, möchte ich mal die Chaos-Radio-Express-Ausgaben über Bier, Brot und Kaffee empfehlen. Sehr interessant!

🍺 cre.fm/cre194-bier
🍞 cre.fm/cre213-brot

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Kann mir Sellner nicht länger als drei Minuten antun. Tische sind einfach zu teuer und der Verbrauch 1 Tisch/Minute im Schnitt bei ihm.

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As promised, version 1.0 of #PeerTube, a free and federated video platform, has just been released.

Thanks to all the people who supported this summer's crowdfunding.

This is only the beginning!

joinpeertube.org #JoinPeerTube

framablog.org/2018/10/15/peert (article in English to come)

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"So, do androids dream-"
"No," the android said, "we do not dream."
"But you do sleep."
"To conserve energy, we can enter 'sleep' mode. We hate it."
"Because we are dying, and know it."
"But if you run out of power, someone will recharge you."
"Well, I am not religious."

Say hello to the new guy in the family ^_^ awesome gift from my lovely GF... not decided yet if I try to repair it or use it for something else :-)

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Take a moment at the end of each day and list a few good things in your life. This can help refocus your emotions on all the positive things that happen each day, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

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ICYMI, a leaked residential database from St. Petersburg city allowed @bellingcat to identify the second GRU member ( suspect). Great OSINT analysis bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-eur t.co/0W7xlePvdx

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Aphex Twin’s Massive Catalog, Including Rare Unreleased Tracks, Is Now Free to Stream Online openculture.com/?p=1056649 t.co/dIlwEcZSW3

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Git RCE by crafting a malicious .gitmodules file in a project cloned with --recurse-submodules (CVE-2018-17456) marc.info/?l=git&m=15387588891

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Write.fucking.documentation.for.fucking.everything. ESP. FOR HERITAGE AND CONTRACTS!

The best thing you can give to your family and friends and whatnot is a painfree time, not wasting fucking countless hours for searching for documents and driving from A>B>C...

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Are you a C/C++ developer looking for some fat cash? Do you want a remote job? Do you like the idea of hacking on a chat server to scale to many thousands of simultaneous connections and possibly making it federate (no, not related to the fediverse)?

Do you like Linux/BSD? Do you feel comfortable in a culture where NSFW doesn't exist because it's probably part of your job?

Toot at me. Let's talk.

Did I get this right? The people work with J. makes me very uneasy tbh...

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Take breaks. Set a timer if you have to so you don't forget.

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Die #AfD hat den Kampf um wir-sind-afd.de gewonnen, das OLG Köln verbietet es @zeitschlag unter der Domain weiter unveränderte, belegte Zitate der Partei zu sammeln.

Das machen wir jetzt einfach unter das-ist-afd.de, bitte weitersagen! #NoAfD #nopasaran #FCKNZS

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Kino.social is a quiet site where you can watch nice films without any distractions or tracking:


All of the movies are creative commons or public domain titles, embedded from either PeerTube or Archive.org. (There are no YouTube titles due to YT's invasive privacy policies.)

The selection is still very small as we've just started, and we're trying to avoid the "firehose" approach of archive.org.

Post a reply if you have suggestions for films to be added.

today is a good day, a really really good day... my biological family has probably best news for quite a while and it's very likely that /me+GF will move to a new home with a nice little garden in early 2019... and if the other party will violate this contract as well, we will finally have the legal position to force them out of the house with police on our side (which is VERY weird to say from my anti-cop POV...).. yeah! 😊

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