Out of curiosity: is there something like a alternative to as a ?

Sure, one could build something oneself with enough servers but does something like this exist as some kind of distributed community-approach?

@Fellmoon that would need a loooot of infrastructure all around the world to compete.

Sure but how many nerds basically run x root-servers around the world that have a kinda boring life? Thought it could be a thing - ofc not on the same scale like cloudflare

@Fellmoon @tercean not a bad idea. it would be bittorrent but sensible, i.e. without the assumption that all nodes on the network, and all paths between them, are equal. also trivial and cost-effective to deploy.

@Fellmoon @downey You mean like a crowd sourced CDN? The DAT protocol works like that:

@Fellmoon I haven't heard of anything, but I guess at least for static sites a distributed hosting system like #IPFS or #Dat could be considered an alternative.

Hmm maybe interesting thought... All a static site needs is more or less file-synchro and a browser...

@Fellmoon I recall a #freesoftware CDN but I don't recall the name of it. It's just software though; not sure who serves who with it or how the networking is organized.

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