Yeah neues (gebrauchtes) Rad von der Zollauktion abgeholt ^_^

Erstmal putzen, etwas Luft in die Reifen und Kette spannen und dann Testfahrt später :owi:

Reaktion des Hundes auf den Sirenentest... Entrüstetes schnaufen, dass ihn was beim Schlafen stört...

*sigh* doggo has puked into the hallway again because gastric acid makes his tummy rumble and he does not understand that he needs to eat something and not eating only makes it worse :/

Poor little fellow, hope this get's better at some point...

Wenn man genug Rentner in der Straße hat, wird die Werbung etwas schräg...

Finally rain... Little dog does not approve this but hey, you can't always get what you want...

Hooman I'm just trying to be cute and sleep, move along! Wait, just fondle my belly while I snore a little bit! Yes right there...zzzZZZzzz

: action action action!
/me: calm the fuck down, you had a long walk and so on!
dog: only if I can use you as pillow!
/me: what?...
dog: zzzZZZzzz
/me: ...

The little one has a bad day and is waiting longingly for his mistress, probably not the time to tell him, that he is not a cat, even if he likes to behave like one.

Hard life is hard... And nope, you'll geht that chair never back again hoooman

Hey hooooman! Not saying that you need to go for a walk with me but there is dat crazy white water stuff falling from da sky again and I'll not stop to stare at you until we gonna go out and hunt ALL of those little white things!

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