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I present to you, Invest 90L... or as NOAA is starting to call it, "Potential Tropical Cyclone 6."

Lithops, the Living Stone succulent. When it blooms, it looks like a flower cleaving a rock.

Twitter β†’ Mastodon dictionary:

Tweet = Toot
Retweet = Boost
Tweet storm = Toot swarm
Troll = Tool
Follower count = Follower coot
Bot = Boot
Dog pile = Dog pool


The most politically savvy thing conservative voters do is telling pollsters they are independent. It's a lie. Democrats fetishize this pretend group of potential voters, moderating their platform and killing any excitement. It just so happens to line up with their donors, so a win-win. For them. Cortez, Teachout, and now Gillum show that they have the numbers. People just need real policies to vote for.

"Excuse me, where is the aspirin?"

"Oh you just need to rocket jump 3 aisles over."

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