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Haven't done one of these for this account yet!

I'm Eris, I'm a she/they non-binary trans woman, I've been on HRT for almost 2 years, I'm an Aries. I work in community health care which I love because I can do leftist praxis in my mandatory 40 hour work week that I survive with lol. I'm into anarchism, communism, communalism but I'm generally post-left. I have writings that have been translated by Greek anarchists. I struggle with mental health but who doesn't.


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Sorry, you must be thinking of Femboy Hooters.
This is the Fembo Hooters

*gestures to the muscular fems pretending not to feel awkward in crop tops*

It's liberal whites posting MLK quotes about unity to whitewash his message day

Aquarius is canceled until they can figure out this whole "not a water sign" bullshit, you fucking liars

If Dark Souls is so good then why isn't there a Dark Souls 2 🤔

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food mention 

Let me have the forbidden Hot Pockets: Glass & Plastic flavor, you cowards

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Can I cop a monads invite? I promise to shitpost

Etiquette question:

Doing the mastodon transfer where you actually transfer your followers, does that spam everyone with a notice about it?

Sometimes I wonder if esvrld writes all those posts in real time

Genuinely surprised that has the only federated timeline I've seen that's not missing posts even from unbanned instances. I don't understand this platform too well yet so I wonder why that is

Keep seeing on instances' banned lists and was wondering why because I liked it there

but now I know and im sad

Petition to kolektiva to add the trans sparkles emoji bc without it I can't come back, i'm sorry

Please CW anything british

If I even so much as see an extra u, I swear to goud

Dang it's crazy that the world's social problems didn't just disappear after 2020 ended, really thought we had something there

LAs subways are still full of people not wearing masks 😬 hope they die tbh


People playing music loud af on public transportation send me into sensory overload just to get to and from work aaaaa people like that are just awful

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The average person bitching about how fast food workers don't "deserve" $15/hr. wouldn't last a day in that miserable, stressful, demanding job.

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