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Fenreliania ✅SPOOK @Fenreliania@mastodon.social

metal gear rising Show more

I am very excited for Labo, because from the looks of it it'll be customisable which means suddenly the Nintendo Switch may be the most accessible way to tinker with weird arcade style game ideas.

okie bedtime well and truly. Got a recruiter interview tomorrow, which is fine but I have to travel.

Packing for the move and wow, it feels so good to throw stuff in the bin.

ugh I have to try on all these clothes I've got in my closet to see if they still fit me so I can get rid of them if not (all suitable clothes are going to charities)

Time to take a walk and then I'm cleaning the oven.

Okay but try and point out which of my games aren't about anxiety and depression.

When a cat opens its mouth just a little bit and makes that mouth shape as it's just about to yawn

I got da email
a-you got da email
a-we got da email

lyrics, I just really appreciate the kinetic feel of the words Show more

Eeeyeeeemaaaiil :3