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Fenreliania ✅CUTE @Fenreliania

tired talking bout medical stuff body health gender ettttttc

@Nine *pets sknq some more* well do whatever it is you gotta be doing ^^

tired talking bout medical stuff body health gender ettttttc

@Nine *pets responsible sknq* good sknq, now get yourself some sleep~

@fillertrack This is perfect on several levels.

I regularly subtoot bunnies

Don't make me subtoot a bunny

@radian2pi She is objectively the best. It's just a fact.

@bunnylyn File already exists. Overwrite?

@bunnylyn File already exists. Overwrite?

@radian2pi OH RIGHT! I remember this, it really is a good concept and I'll try and give it a play at home.

@ohtorifightclub I totally would have made Everything, but way jankier.

@radian2pi Well, I hope you find a way to appreciate yourself soon, and that the second thing you appreciate about yourself is your ability to appreciate yourself :)
I don't think I've seen much of what you're making but I'd love to give it a try.

@radian2pi I know the feeling, I don't know that I'm fully past it but I kind of had to force myself to comically over-exaggerate how great I was (in a way that came across as clearly a joke, just to avoid annoying people). I don't even know if it definitely helped but one way or another, it eventually became easier to accept that yeah, I do have skills, and the work I put into improving myself is working.

@fireh9lly I think HTML combined with Game Maker were the two things that made the cogs start turning in my head. Game Maker's good because you can build it all with just blocks instead of learning actual code. You learn the logic without needing the syntax.
But definitely, interfaces and stuff, especially around creating or running a project, are much too confusing most of the time. If you want some help with any of that stuff some time hit me up.

@radian2pi It's definitely not easy for everyone, some studies are suggesting it might be straight up not plausible for certain people because they can't think about the problem in a certain specific way (but who knows with studies these days).