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Fenreliania ✅SPOOK @Fenreliania@mastodon.social

I still have 50GB of free Desura games stored on my computer and I don't think I want to delete them.

video game where you have a cast of dateable characters but the human ones are nonbinary and the only straight one is a robot

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Vim is a nightmare. Anything that requires a specific combination of buttons to be free of it is bad.

HECK HECK I just figured out the final piece of a really good game idea I had, it's REALLY GOOD now I just need to actually make it...

i am a has-bean
because i has beans!
toe beans! 🐾
get it?? i did a joke! :blobcat:

I *guess* I'll get out of my chair and go to work...

Please help how do I make a fighting game easily?

I recently had a great idea for another one of my emotion based games except it would be a fighting game and that's an awful lot of work

If you're in the UK and you find a coin on the floor is it a ground pound