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This is super cool 2D lighting tech, looks like real physical plastic. Super want to implement this in a game. thomasdiewald.com/blog/?p=3138

I mean I did make that one name generator that gave me Vickpipe, like come on now, that's incredible. That's a pretty good start.

Maybe I should set up a bot that generates names to my standards. Won't be happy until it throws out "Ollyver" and keeps "Schriez"

When my hair is like, twice as long, I am getting a damn ponytail and I'm gonna look gorgeous.

"Anatomical Toy Machine" is a phrase I just heard

okay I played Cheap Golf just now but for rea, Mario Time now

I think it's time to play more Mario and maybe finish it? I don't know how close I am to the end.

Thanks for tuning in anyone who managed to get it working! I'm gonna have to remember to upload these clips to YouTube.

Okies in about 10-15 minutes now I'm gonna be tweaking my island model over here if you wanna watch or listen in

The only acceptable way of telling someone they're correct on Mastodon is to use the phrase "You're Darn Tootin'". I'm sorry, it's the law

Gonna get myself to move around for a little bit and then I'm gonna be tuning up my island model over at twitch.tv/fenreliania in I don't know, 30 minutes maybe?