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Y'know what's wild? Up is an illusion.

All this is to say, look at all the forces in play before blaming one. Most of the time, capitalism is the root problem and incompetence or lack of communication is the immediate cause.

By all means, please topple Discord and Slack and JS with better alternatives. There's plenty that could and should be done to improve upon them. But like, C'mon.

Yeah it sucks that Slack is discontinuing IRC support but that doesn't mean it's now 100% unacceptable for use. Yeah Discord has uptime and branding issues but it functions which is more than I can say for Skype.

Yeah it's bad that websites that could easily be static are laden with responsive JS and are 100x the size they should be, but that's not JavaScript being bad, that's web development and commercialism colliding and creating Hell.

I've got several responses to this that have missed the point entirely and I just don't have the energy or cognitive capacity to bridge the gaps myself.

I am not saying everyone needs to use Discord or that JavaScript is our saviour. I'm saying that telling everyone to stop using them and declaring they're The Worst because of reasons other than "They don't perform their task" or "They're endangering their users" or "This alternative is better" is usually absurd.

What is with this Mastodon trend to just declare that a technology or program or framework is bad or inappropriate or dangerous with no reasoning, and everyone just nodding along without asking?
JavaScript is not evil. Electron is not inexcusable. Slack is not unusable. Discord is not atrocious.
And in particular, please stop saying "this is bad, stop using it" for things where there aren't good alternatives.

This is gonna be hard to believe but Breath of the Wild is good

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You just gonna sit there with that on your head, Pan?

Okay I should go to bed but since I'm already looking around my cute anime folder, here is a little artist showcase (Namie pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id)

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The McElroy Brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed.