I did it! Scale is now based on the map instead of the tileset, so you can actually control how big your level is. This one's mini!

By the way, if anybody wants to make a tileset so I can stop showing off this ugly placeholder one,,,,,,,,,,

@Fenreliania Hey this looks rad, I'd love to do a tileset or two!

Do you have anymore info, I'm not really sure what it requires. A bunch of 3-D models that are basically planes but fancied-up with the naming conventions you mentioned? Is it a Unity thing? Is it on Github or something like that?

@blueberrysoft *ahem* so
1) Will be on BitBucket once I've got all the fundamentals done
2) Tileset just has to follow these naming conventions to be picked up by the tool. You can leave out a Position and it will be filled in by flipping one of the neighbouring positions. I should probably upload my two example tilesets somewhere for demonstration...

@blueberrysoft That said, the tileset I just made is all flat planes and is unwrapped in a way that should make it easy to simply retexture it rather than going through making full models for each tile. But. I need to like... make an example texture so people know how it's laid out :V

@Fenreliania oh yeah, examples would be really handy! Happy to wait till it's on Bitbucket, bit of a full plate at the moment anyway.

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