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Aesir in Asgard!
Hearken and behold, as I slay this foul northman in glorious combat~

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Och jag förvisade @namtari ur @Framtiden:s lustgård, för att hen skulle bruka jorden, varav hen var tagen~

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A list of all instances plus an instance choosing helper feature.
Like a Sorting Hat, but for

@Fergant danish is the thing you get if you remove all consonants from a language :smuglain:

Dear bakers of Denmark:
It is physically possible to create a pastry that does not contain cardamom.
You can do it, I believe in you!

Deyr fe,
deyja frændr:
deyja sjálfr it sama.
Ek veit einn
at aldri deyr:
dómr um dauðan hvern.

I need to go to bed, but somehow I got caught up trying to read Old English texts

I for one don't envision moving away from Uppsala myself. Then again, why would I.

Why the f*ck does every f*cking body want to live in f*cken St*ckh*lm!?
Such a shit town.

(Okay not really but yeah you get me)

I couldn't even get 17 minutes into the flat earth documentary on Netflix. It's just too much. Can't these people just pick up crocheting instead?

God afton till er alla utan till tootsiterna och deras skyddslingar~

Why does this gym have such Shit wifi

I wish these people would understand that i am too handsome to work today.

Everyone on the discord server is trying to their Mario voice but they all just sound like fonzi

etsy for indulgences illuminated mansucripts and folios

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