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A list of all instances plus an instance choosing helper feature.
Like a Sorting Hat, but for

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Okay now that the first wave of Tumblr immigrants has laid claim to do the instance wars begin???

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love languages in the internet era:
* keysmashing
* "saw this n thought of you"
* shitposts
* regular checking in
* making art
* "when i see you in person let's [incredibly mundane shit]"

My intrusive thoughts now consist of miku pizza pasta "put it on my grock" thanks guys

This Spotify Playlist claims it's my music from this summer but it feels like it's from a summer two years ago, when i was talking to completely different people...

just ate 8 oranges feeling like the absolute madman

[folgers commercial melody from 1996] the best part of waking up... is going back to sleep

I love all my tootuals so much, thanks for existing 😍

Fairies? Good
Bugs? Good
Fairy AND bug? Amazing

why,,,,,, are all gays so oblivious. whats wrong with us

All these kins and kin talk and I'm just here like.

What are kins?

Help me I am out of the loop, send rations.

yeah, i have APD (addicted to pussy disorder)

deltarune kinnies are so cool. like yeah keep following me you funky little kinny

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