Norway has always been the 'poor sister' of the family, till one day like some weeks ago she won the lotto and now brags about all that cash.
That will run out one day.

Me explaining norwegians discovering oil in their shores in the 50s

@Fergant 50s? what timeline are you on? the first of our jackpots happened the autumn of 1969

@vala mitt fel BUT STILL more the reason, ni är just nouveau riches.

@Fergant after getting wrecked by the church and our neighbours (except russia) for centuries, i think it was well deserved to hit that kind of jackpot.

the ones being stupid about it is the people who refused a huge percentage share of our oil in exchange for stocks in the swedish car industry

@vala I think it was a sound, wise and long term good choice.

@Fergant well, saab's car division went bankrupt and volvo is jow owned by the chinese. statoil/equinor is still profitable and owned by us. :AsukaShrug:
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