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@auroraborealis inb4 everyone takes sleeping pills because infinite suns

Put 2+ norwegians together and they'll slaughter a goat to bake its brains or something.

My common-law masto-partner Namtari is trying to be savage against me.

Imagine meme blocking someone for like a day and forgetting all about it for a whole month.

@namtari tror jag att det är dags att göra detta så....blockering hävs.
Och jag har förgätit mig att häva emedan jag är förmodligen, nej, verkligen för upptagen med World of Warcraft Classic hahahaha

Ooof that absece only makes the heart grow fonder---eh it doesn't but might as well show up from time to time.
I'm nearly there level wise anyhow.

@Fergant i summoned the rare and overpowered mage merlin, who had a 0.7% chance per summon. and not just one, but two of them. :ablobspin:

Have I been listening to Take That for quite a bit? I neither deny nor not deny it

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