Um, okay, one last bit of asking for help. I need work. I stand to lose my job in two weeks, I've done everything I can and have been working my ass off, but I still don't think I'll get off my PiP (Personal Improvement Plan). Does anyone know of dev jobs near Portland? I'll even take any jobs near Seattle. I've worked as associate dev for almost 4 years now and have been working since I've been 14. If anyone can help me secure an interview or has connections I'd be so thankful

please boost

Also, yes, I have been putting out resumes, but it took me 6 months to find this current job and I don't have that kind of time, especially if I can't claim unemployment (going to need to really fight for it). If push comes to shove I will really take anything, bar tending, warehouse, retail, I'll do what it takes and I have the work experience

Thank you everyone whose boosted this, really appreciate the responses and those who have given me resources to go through for job hunting. If I haven't gotten back to you yet I probably missed it cause my notifications have been scrolling by so fast haha. Please let me know if I still haven't gotten back to you about any tech jobs in the Portland/Seattle area, I'm super open to remote positions as well! Again I super appreciate ya'll, homelessness is not fun, here's hoping something sticks

@Feronsfire have you considered working remotely ? and are great places to find remote opportunities

@Feronsfire @vlad
You could apply to companies in the bay area (CA). most let you work remotely and are looking to hire, especially.if you are good.

What kind of developer are you?

@Feronsfire hey friend i don't know about portland so much but i know some variedly cool folks on IRC/slack you might want to talk to who like helping people find work

AlterConf slack:
(they have a jobseekers chat) is full of some folk who will help you with jobsearch/resume/referral

tell the sancho folk lindar and alex sent you for job help, and lmk if u need anything

@Feronsfire I'm at a seattle studio that needs an HTML5/JS dev. Probably working on casino card games using a custom framework and deploying to web and native mobile. Is that something that's in your wheelhouse?

@Feronsfire seattle has Amazon, Facebook, and HBO. No idea about Portland.

@Feronsfire Do you have a twitter account as well I may be able to connect with you with some people in the Seattle area, by linking this post and your twitter account (or an email). Since they don't have mastodon afaik.

@Feronsfire I passed along your resume internally. From here, it's in the hands of my recruiter team. :/

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