@Ferretsyndicate I'm not buying it. I'm pretty sure everything is about me.

@Ferretsyndicate what if you didn't try to tell me what to think?

@Ferretsyndicate ...What?
All I said that we should tell others what to think. You can't police that anyway.
How did women's oppression came into this topic?

@Zooty why did the above cartoon make you feel the need to say "what if you didn't tell me how to think?"

As if you had qualms with some of the above assertions--things like "feminism isn't about hating men."

Or "immigrants aren't stealing your job."

These are very basic truisms.

You implied you had problems with them.

Do you think feminism is about hating men etc.?

@Ferretsyndicate I already told you. I said that because we should let people have their own thoughts, be it good or bad. It's not anyone's job to police what others think.

Those phrases in the picture are super generic, and can be meant in any way. For example there are situations when people use feminism to hate men and gain power for themselves through it, and there are situations when it's good for society. But it's never black and white.
So these phrases says nothing to me.


Exactly what I thought you were saying. So to get back to my original point: have you tried not sucking?

@Ferretsyndicate Can you do anything other than insulting others? What's your problem with me? I never hurt you.

@Ferretsyndicate I guess the answer is no then. You can not do anything but insulting others.
In that case I feel honored to be your problem.:)

Jokes aside, I really hope one day you can make real, intellectual conversations with others. Until, try to avoid insulting random people on the internet. It's not good for you in the long run, believe me.

@Zooty zooty, the problem is you're a chud: there's no point in having a conversation w/ someone w/ a solipsistic mindset that says "these are just phrases."

You got upset by a simple cartoon that says very mild things: Immigrants aren't taking jobs, feminism isn't about hating men, trans women aren't "traps," etc.

If this upsets you, then you're a shitty person.

Then, when called out on it, you take an amorphous, solipsistic stance of "everything can be bad," i.e. arguing in bad faith.

Dude, I'm not upset, you are the one who still can't stop insulting the other. Please calm down and be rational.

All I wanted to say is to let people live their lives as they want, and let them think what they think.
If this upsets you, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't know you are this sensitive, but I will keep it in mind in the future! :)

@Zooty You sound upset Zooty, here reread this last panel, maybe it'll sink in this time:

@Ferretsyndicate At this point there is no hope you will make any sense here other than insults, so I'm out.

See ya, have a nice day!

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