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another cool thing about animal welfare groups when they talk about seal hunting is that their information is emotionally charged and not everything is sourced

lol its crazy how animal welfare groups are all into anti-sealing which leads to the inuit having no money and starving which will either kill them off or force them to relocate which would allow the government and oil companies to do oil excavation operations in inuit regions lol fucking wild how big that coincidence is right

like no offense but if you're anti seal skin products then you literally would rather an entire people die off than think about dead seals

I'm gonna meet bert joba in 2 weeks now fucking crazy

animal death 

I support kill shelters to a DEGREE peta kills hundreds of perfectly adoptable animals without putting any effort into homing them just because they truly think pets shouldnt exist
Euthanasia can be necessary when an animals life would be too painful, traumatic or otherwise unnecessarily cruel to continue on living by the recommendation of a professional, but killing perfectly adoptable and healthy animals is unnecessary, wasteful and disrespectful w/ the way peta disposes of bodies

I've read about shitty things peta does but whenever people bring up how awful it is they support eco-terrorism I'm like ok so what bitch!! Fuck rich people who make money off killing the planet we have every right to stop people from destroying the earth tbh! I live here bitch this is my house!!!!

Imagine being so rich you literally make your own virtually reality
Paris Hilton literally just DID that because she saw VR and was like fuck earth!!! I'm making my own one

Me yesterday after smoke 1.5 joints and slamming 4 screwdrivers at that bar

Reid have you ever seen the American Meme documentary on Netflix Paris Hilton is there

That scene of Paris Hilton talking about her paralyzing fear of death at end was a yuge feeling

Their stories seem like something I might maybe sympathize with but I'm constantly aware they're all rich people who can afford medical care if they wanted to and also could probably just move to a less expensive state and just live like a normal person if they actually had the will to leave their shitty famous people lives

Implying anyone has watched this movie I'm talking about

I remember the funniest part of that movie was when Josh said "I'm not obnoxious about it" it made me laugh so much because ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

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