I keep thinking about my awful wizards from my comic last year. They're TERRIBLE PEOPLE and extremely cute together, which is how you can tell I was involved in their creation.

Most of these thoughts tend to involve them being very unconvincingly undercover (not as hard as it sounds, given that their wizard gear completely conceals their identities when worn, though they have to wear dark glasses or otherwise deal with their glowing eyes to pass as normal...humans? elves? pointy-ear people).

This week tends to see them plotting nefariously in a "milk plus" bar, interspersed with casually sharing their stripey-strawed milkshakes with one another to compare the flavors.


So as I'm working on my manuscript I keep getting distracted by thoughts of these adorable boyfriends, happily reconnected after a long time apart, who just so happen to be trying to murder the Chosen Hero and utilize their harvested heart's blood to revive the Dark Lord and usher in a new age of terror. You know, the usual.

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