ARRIVEDERCI JACKKNIFE ALWAYS GETS HIS MAN... EVEN IF HIS MAN IS AN ANDROID... AN ANDROID HE LOVES. There's a new page of on ! And next month's page is live at !

"You wouldn't happen to be the famous android bounty hunter, Arrivederci Jackknife, would you?" The cyborg's sizzling red eye glared at the mysterious stranger across the vantablackjack table, who pounded back another shot of synthwhiskey in reply.

"Maybe I am," he growled. "Depends on if you want to stay quiet and walk out of here alive, or if you want to get perforated with 837 rounds of EMP-tipped nano-lead."

Outside the rain fell like contraband diamonds from God's 3D printer in the sky.

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@irisjaycomics Bless. I love every opportunity the comic takes to show that while Alan is, on some level, a competent, thoughtful, and resourceful person, he's also a FOUR-ALARM DWEEB.

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@Ferrovore XW has several overarching themes, and one of them is definitely "it's entirely possible to be very very cool and also very very dweeby at the same time"

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