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I really need to figure out a proper name for my orc stuff. Five dollars says it's going to be either incredibly complex OR something bog-simple like "the Rhoanish Works."

@irisjaycomics "There is a lot more graphic M/M sex in this than I expected," says reviewer. "It's as though it was originally written as pornography."

Ferro @Ferrovore@mastodon.social

@irisjaycomics "There is so much violence," says reviewer. "So, so much violence. I'm not sure how to take the story that starts with boiling skulls, which are then mentioned on and off throughout the rest of the manuscript. I think someone is pranking me."

I'm very happy with the weird patchwork genre it's in, but pitching it to people is a definite hard sell (hence why I just slap the content warnings front and center when reccing it).

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