This game is full of bad taste, ugly textures, and polygons of questionable application, but sometimes you have to admit Second Life can look pretty nice. Apropos of nothing, here's a close-up of that winged guy I've been tinkering with lately.

(head/hair/eyes by Raven Bell, skin by Asphalt Concrete, jacket/body by krankhaus, ears by MANDALA)

Today's project: setting up this little outdoor shelter and trying to deal with its complexity oscillating wildly between 4 and like a billion.

It's SUPER cute, though.


Not pictured: how he rattled around in place like a ping-pong ball after finishing typing, or the occasional bursts of white lightning that erupt from his hands at certain intervals.

Spending our Sunday doing extremely normal couples' things.

(once again I have to sing the praises of how good the HUD for the Murder of Ravens Avia wings is; while it's easy to roll your own textures for them, everything you see here was applied right out of the box with neither fuss nor muss)

Wing Clan representing.

Fartin' around with SL parts and pieces I already own/haven't done much with is one of my favorite pastimes. This is an extremely placeholder outfit but I'm likely going to hold on to the jacket unless it refuses to play nice with other wardrobe choices!

Sometimes you just want to make Breath of Fire characters that never existed, y'know?

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It is very important that my biggest little girl be able to cosplay as an incredibly smug NPC. I mean, look, it comes with booties!

This maker, Hotdog, has only been around a few months (that I know of), but they have already established themselves as the most @DirkGrundy thing in the best possible way. I am so glad people are making Second Life stuff that looks like this!

(on sale at the Equal10 January round, photo from, more pics of fashionable tuberculosis victims at, extremely good comics of morally-suspect mad scientists at

While I had to reposition them to fit on Maltese's powerful honker, I can report that the "Rude Bridge Pierce Glasses" from Murder of Ravens are very easy to get looking suitably ridiculous right out of the box.

For certain parties who are so interested, you can mix and match the lens decals (as well as the colors), so if you want to wear some bright pink glasses attached to a piercing in your nose that say DEMON TRANS or TRASH GIRL on them, well, the world is your oyster.

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Taking a chance to just hang out outdoors since it’s kinda nice out and there’s still daylight to burn. There’s a little rain spitting here and there but nothing unpleasant.

Negotiation is an important tool in any professional problem-solver's toolkit. So is having flexible standards.

A finished three-hour two-image sketch sequence commissioned by the always-impeccable @ComputerHusband! Because you're DAMN RIGHT I charge my own spouse for art if I feel like it.

Clickthrough for one SFW image and one definitely NSFW one. The latter features some nonhuman dong in it and someone who really needs to shower up.

When dealing with corsairs, always get the details down in writing first. (WIP)

On a game as freeform as Second Life, one must make their own fun.

Not pictured: he is honking AS FAST AS THE SCRIPT WILL LET HIM

Originally I was just throwing parts together since I got some new armor and wanted to see what I could do with it...then I found this hat in my inventory and everything else just fell together.

Save for the pauldrons, hip thingies, bra, khopesh, and lipstick, everything here was already lying around, waiting to be recycled!

I have no idea who she is yet but she's probably some sort of demon hunter with some Bonus Plus blood or something.

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Oh no. Oh NO. Did someone tell him they didn't, in fact, think he was a fluffy little cutie? What have you DONE

There's a lot of temporary solutions going on here but he's just so happy, y'know?

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