(also holy moly it took stankin' FOREVER to download everything onto my laptop, we'll see how well Gross Marrieds Co-Op works later)

Environmental spookiness level: GASHADOKURO PUMPKIN FUN

I really shouldn't be putting all this detailing on the SKETCH LAYER but...but I gotta...

Look how cute @distressedegg drew Kivanc! She really nailed his look here, which is no easy feat given how much STUFF he has on him..

It’s me, the nerd who actually got the app for an online game. Mostly so I can pet Little Fluffkin anywhere.

Why does the local co-op want us to see this?

Clickthrough added because it’s an awful example of pumpkin carving.

Charge those mystical energies!

This is at Candle and Cauldron and to be perfectly fair I have TOTALLY bought stuff from them, like the ritual salt sprinkled across the threshold of one of my skyboxes.

Meanwhile, the rest of Vo has decided not to show up for picture day, leaving this result. That's...that's fine...

"Another avatar, Ferro?"

1) It is Halloween so you bet your bonnet you will be seeing this sort of thing all month from me.

2) I like playing e-Barbies.

This is a demo of the Bentbox Ghoul from this month's We <3 Roleplay event. It's humanoid so it can handle more AOs and comes with a little hat, a sweater, some pants, a coat, and a scarf (the latter two clip with the sweater so aren't pictured). There's some simple face/ear/tail stuff included. Dunno if I'll get one but it seems fine.

A panel in progress, in which I am trying to convey the point of "this person is still strongly connected to her original culture" with a sledgehammer, more or less.

(she's talking about protection from tigers or something, which since Naar Rhoan and Usoa alike are in this world's approximate eastern hemisphere is not an unreasonable thing to be discussing)

For Pete's sake, Rohaan.

(clickthrough for overly-suggestive pose)

[insert Fallout 3 reference here]

This is from the same Hellhund avatar gacha as the white pharaoh-dog-type critter I posted much earlier, just thrice as friendly (and bought off the marketplace because I mistrust my odds)! Yes, the extra heads have talkjaw support.

That's enough hollerin' from me. Goodnight, everyone!

I don't know why people even let me through the front door sometimes.

(duder here is still in progress but he looks fabulous already, doesn't he? working outfit name: "Wendigo-go")

The event is currently A NIGHTMARE because it went live mere hours ago and everyone is wearing their laggiest avatars, but I can tell you now that the Murder Of Ravens Hellhund avatar is gonna be this year's new hotness out of the Halloween Gacha Guardians event, because look at these things.

I mean, at least this is all perfectly in-character for Kivanc. He likes being a part of things.

We're hitting up the digital art installations tonight. This one encourages you to "complete" the different scenes, which is fun and encourages taking pictures!

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