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My spouse informed me he was making friends at work today. And then:

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Good news, I have a new PWYW comic up on Gumroad after several months of neglecting to make a cover for it! Six pages plus front and back covers.


Cover images include pattern assets made by the incomparable @DirkGrundy.

Probably the last update on this for the day. I'll be wanting to better balance the line weights between her and the lanmola as I approach the finish line.

Anyway I found the picture I was looking for, which was the last time I seriously drew the character I'm working on today. It was in...December 2016? Yikes.

Gerudo are fun to draw, I love the combination of aggressive combat-ready women with the high femme makeup (and, as of Breath of the Wild, increasingly complicated hair).

The other guy's Zeke, he's a Tauros, he's just trying to make it to the end of the day. Surprising nobody, he was one of @ComputerHusband's characters.

Hey everybody guess what pictures I found again!

Rough inks time! Nowhere is it more apparently that I make use of multiple line layers than when I haven't made said lines look lovely yet.

That's already looking a little better, and while the previous angle of the grapple looked cool this way it will neither go in front of her face nor bring some angles into question by going behind her head.

Got some basic blocking done already!

I will draw things for you for money, especially fantasy, horror, and furry (or furry-adjacent) art! I hear I'm pretty okay at it! $20/hr, minimum one hour, and I work digitally. I invoice through Paypal. Three slots available. Let's talk!

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As I go to bed, my final thoughts:


Currently dealing with trying to match a custom head to a different mesh body I own and it is going, shall we say, interestingly. This is not helped by not having actual skins to work with for anything but the ears just yet.

Here's a different angle that more accurately reflects her head shape and better displays her markings. This is the M.O.R dragon head mod, which is STONKINGLY easy to set up even if you go for the advanced version that requires replacing animations.

As may be evident from the rainbow effect here my fix for Advanced Lighting always killing my viewer has worked! It was, in the end, a video card issue.

It's a piece of cake to make a pretty snake.

I have ended up in a Weird Part of Second Life again.

I'll go into it more once I've made more textures to dick about with, but the applier setup for the Bentbox Imp is so far EXTREMELY easy so long as you have the UUID of the textures in question.

Here's a sample I banged together using some Snokra eye textures I bought a little while ago (I am aware of the pupil tilt, yes).

- in Firestorm, holding/double-tapping E to fly does not have the delayed animation pressing F does, so it's easy to get your imp into a proper hovering animation. Flight Mode needs to be enabled in the HUD for this to work right. I do think this is a bit of an oversight but it by no means breaks the avatar or makes it less fun to use, and wouldn't consider it a make-or-break detail

- ear states are overridden by the default flight animation, tail states are overridden by ground sits

- blep!

The new WLRP event on Second Life is open as of 1pm today and I'm not going to bother with it until I know it won't be a sludgy lagfest.

Thankfully a new picture on an event-tracker website shows us more colors of the Imp avatar, its size compared to a typical person, and the fact that it's going for 900L (about $3.50 in US dollars) if purchased at the event. Plus there's a demo so you can try before you buy!

Image taken directly from seraphimsl.com