This did not take very long at ALL. Good job me for making my pencils really aggressively finished!

Later pages will take a bit longer since they'll have more panels, but that's fine. Unsure if I'll add any additional tones afterwards; that'll wait for once my inks are complete.

I mean I've got two pages completely lettered/captioned and six more waiting to get there but this is more or less my current state.

Up to five pages handled, well on my way to getting eight in the can by my next break!

Figuring out some coat pattern stuff. Not 100% sold on the fur just yet but I think the hair/ears look pretty good!

Dude here is pleasant and cheerful but has a serious problem with bottling up aggression, which means every so often he appoints himself the "hype man" of someone large and burly and going Big Bill Hell on people he thinks his companion would benefit from punching.

He'd be horrified if this was ever pointed out to him directly, mind you; as is he just seems like a cheer squad.

It is HOPPIN' in here. That's my cosmic guardian serpent breakdancing in the front!

Clickthrough added since this is a picture of an A-rated furry club and I'm not sure if there's any genitals floating around in that mess.

While this might end up changed in the future, here's a look at how I've decided to handle the wording at the moment (thanks to an anonymous pal for input!).

Muppet drugs Show more

Muppet drugs Show more

[trumpet fanfare]

Guess I'll figure out the final page or two now! Which will not end up on here, obviously; gotta earn those zero or more comics dollars somehow.

Break time, then I'll see how much of this text I can get lettered before the workday's over.

Also I forgot to actually INCLUDE page 4 previously, so here it is.

Just plop yourself on one of the rotating oranges and away you go! There actually are speakers playing festival music here and there but my sound was off at first.

Here's a page that'll fit between the two I posted yesterday, in which the logistics of dark deeds are discussed and a milkshake is shared.

Talky talky talk. There's going to be a page added between the one I posted the other day and this one, hence why it feels like there's conversation missing.

Yep, just doin' the thing. This one had dialogue written up to go with the sketch but of COURSE I've changed half of it already.

Yes, they're at an adults-only milk bar, because of course I'm going with some of the weirder elements of the source material for this pastiche.

I'm thinking of this size (full-viewed, anyway) for the finished version, 800 wide by 1200 tall. With crisper lettering, of course!

In other news, this outfit by JOMO is an EXTREMELY powerful look and I may have to use it as an inspiration for a different character's clothes. The one-leg-missing look does not show up nearly often enough in dude-coded outfits.

I actually really like how this came out. The title isn't a typo, for the record.

Not the worst little speedpaint. I could potentially spend more time on this, adding more detail and crisping up the lighting and such, but I'm pretty tired from today, and I still need to make my title card!

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