This did not take very long at ALL. Good job me for making my pencils really aggressively finished!

Later pages will take a bit longer since they'll have more panels, but that's fine. Unsure if I'll add any additional tones afterwards; that'll wait for once my inks are complete.

Since the theme for this month's S2B2 is "old tropes presented with affection," I suspect my pinup is going to involve a guy with one angel wing and one demon wing popping out of a computer to the delight of a dumpy nerd. Aside from being extremely 90s it's also pretty on-brand for me, y'know?

Today is gonna be a good day, I hope!

On the MUD I'll be working more on getting auto-populating seating functioning, and once I get that done/lose patience with it I can move to converting an area to some new state-tracking tools I done thunk up OR just work purely on making nice words for rooms that currently only exist as skeletal frames.

Artwise, I can start my inks on my S2B2 comic! And maybe dash together a sketch for my pinup for the August issue, which is due on Saturday.

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Q: What reptile is fondest of dried fruits and grains?

A: a granole

In this case "daemon" means "higher-level program," it's not THAT kind of game.

Me: "Ah, the weekend, when I can just goof off and not worry about game code for a bit."

Also Me: gets frustrated with wonkiness of newly-implemented area so DIGS INTO ACTUAL DAEMON TO WRITE NEW FUNCTIONS AND DEBUG TOOLS

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24 pages FULLY LETTERED. Next week the inks will begin! Hot diggity!

The prophecy is fulfilled: we have begun regularly referring to one another as "baby weiner broccoli" when parting at the apex of a commute, because this is the kind of people we are now.

I do think in the future I might make some line ruling with sample letter sizes on it so I don't have to, like, do nearly as many passes on text. But that's for later and part of the learning process.

Taking a quick break but I have finished almost all of my relettering (save for some incidental SFX and captions, plus a few things on video monitors) and now just need to format the placement of the text, finalize bubble shapes, and slap on fancy new outlines. And it's only 9:30! Heck yeah!

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My name's Jimmy Akira, and I'm gonna be the best motorcycle racer in all of New York!

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An influx of new users could mean an influx of new sadboy instances. Let me know if you see any, I'll try to keep my eyes peeled too~

Today's goals are to do a little more area work and then SPEECH BUBBLES, YEAHHH~

I’m getting that weird urge to make a joint role playing account for Sarouth and Riaag (key detail: they can’t read so there’s be an assumed text-to-speech protocol somewhere, and questions that get too meta would be unintelligible or ignored) but I am VERY BUSY RIGHT NOW...

Vanilla dot-social is definitely way too big now to bother with the public feed, but I generally don’t look at non-curated feeds anyway, so it works out for me. I’ve had this account for stankin’ ages and I don’t anticipate relocating any time soon; if I’d joined just today, though? Probably somewhere dinkier.

Excited to see what smaller, more intimate instances do with the influx!

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