@Aros Ah, so he remade to get a Banish/Ice Cloud combo? Solid advice, Iainuki's single-target and it's NOT great.

I also FINALLY set up the trackball I got for Christmas, and while I'm sure there'll be a mild adjustment period (hoo boy I sure am gonna play the space robot game with this, huh?) it feels extremely good in the hand and will hopefully be kinder to my RSI and (temporarily) sore shoulder.

We’re up early for a thing! I’m already mentally mapping what I’ll be doing with my workday, and among other things have an idea for a possible new Lyón and Guerry story? Not sure what form the latter will take, mind you.

Oh hey here is a preview of the pencils/rough text placement for the first third if you're interested.

Clickthrough for minotaur dick, because of course there's minotaur dick in this.

Working with the spouse to flesh out the NSFW comic he's getting as a delayed-release Christmas gift and we're spending SO much time on the setting, folks.

I was able to get a pretty good set of panels and dialogue for the first page and did the pencils for the splash layout on the second, so we're well on our way here.

@Aros Sorry about that Iainuki, that's a rough-ass lord power to be stuck with.

Today I am making good progress on this particular project! I need to hook up making a smoke object in the room to the burning of the target (this is what was causing problems earlier), but the basic "light this, let it burn at different rates based on player action, extinguish it automatically" stuff functions, as does attempting to unload a lit whatsit or light a whatsit that hasn't been loaded with the right material.

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This snooty merchant gob is unimpressed by your barter skills.

No character in specific, just something I started sketching up last night while the gf showed me Mononoke Medicine Seller. That art style is inspiring.

...well, "ready to go" is a misnomer, it still only exists as a scribbly pencil sketch. But it'll be ready to scan in and make into a full finished page!

I just need to think of a punchline and I'll have this second spoilery gag comic ready to go; I also spent some time yesterday taking some reference images in captura and finding out the hard way that you want to turn slow-mo off before switching stuff around in your arsenal.

I somehow did SOMEthing to my shoulder/upper back when getting up today so I am grateful I have the opportunity to just sit here, absorb painkillers, and occasionally get a muscle rub from my sweetie whenever his hands aren't too sore themselves.

Saturday night* dance magic!

*I have not slept, ergo it is not yet Sunday for me

More extremely normal couples' things. Those kiseru were from Happy Dispatch and once you finagle the angles to work with your avatar they're really quite nice if you want an animated prop of that type; both our human and furry heads worked great with the Bento scripting!

Clickthrough for digital smoking.

Sometimes you just want to make your digital dollies make funny faces.

@wolfteeth (this doesn’t work quite as well in a reverse-chronological display but the sentiment stands)

@wolfteeth We survived okay for decades of Internet connectivity before the current social media model became a thing, we can continue to do so.

Also I am personally all for tagged political (and other) stuff because gee, it’s almost like a constant tide of negativity with no chance to brace oneself or evaluate one’s current headspace is Bad For You. I don’t scream THERE IS A BETTER WAY at friends elsewhere having trouble avoiding certain content but I sure do think it.

@wolfteeth Even this very day I saw someone bemoaning how you “just can’t get traction” on Mastodon/other non-Twitter sites, and I dunno about them but I’m fine building up a smaller community of people I’m more likely to care about than throngs of people who don’t really do much beyond create noise. I do have the luxury of not relying on Twitter to promote myself, though.

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