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Try not to get the impression that we're serious folklorists or anything, given how we keep referring to the Hyrule Warriors version of King Dodongo as "Dong-o."

Anyway, there's a lot of wiggle room based on the rules you're working with and the metaphors (or lack thereof) you're trying to include, as well as whether you're trying to set up something that needs to have clear limitations for a game or if you can just wiggle your hands for the sake of a scary story.

But werewolves aren't undead unless you can REALLY back it up.

- there is significant support for "if your heart isn't beating but you're moving around, you're likely either undead or a construct," though I noted that you could probably count beings like a penanggalan whose hearts are beating as undead

- you don't need a physical body, or even a way to directly influence the world, but someone needs to know you're there

- angels generally aren't undead unless you're trying to be edgy; they're usually either divine creations or transfigured after death

Talking points:

- you don't have to have been human, just have been alive (zombie dogs, ghost cats, etc.)

- you can argue either way for entities that are the result of direct human action/emotion (grudge spirits, manifestations of sorrow), though be prepared to figure out how AI fits into this

- if you only survive because you are directly causing human misery, you probably count; a wendigo who MUST eat flesh is not equal to a cannibal who just DOES sometimes

We are currently having an intense discussion (not an argument, an actual thoughtful discussion) about how exactly one would classify an entity as "undead."

The short version is you can do it a few ways but as long as you're consistent we'll hear you out.

One caveat: werewolves are definitely children of the night, but they are NOT undead unless you got some pretty weird werewolves going on (or they're exclusively vampire thralls or something).

@irisjaycomics Extremely!

I am AMAZED at how much stuff they can make at such consistent quality, I get that this is What They Do but you know how the artist brain can be at times.

@irisjaycomics It's the Nasty Red Dogs comic's most recent page, in this case. It's only 61 pages long and the author is experimenting with different pacing from FFAK's "ten thousand years in the space of a day" method, so we've already had gore, full-frontal male nudity, and sexual deviance!

Today is the day that a new crop of readers is introduced to Pure Kosmic Comics Content (read: pretty messed up!) and folks are all D: anew.

"I will take a hammer and FEEX the Bombchu."

"No, you're playing Lana, not Darunia."

Today’s mental image is Riaag picking someone up and slamming them forcefully into something over the course of three panels. Not 100% clear on what that guy did but it’s safe to assume it wasn’t good (and Sarouth almost certainly dragged them over in the first place to inform Riaag of what they tried/offered to do).

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Dunno if it'll let me double-dip with the same email but I figure it can't hurt.

Decided to put my name on the Pillowfort 4B list even though I already have a main because, y'know, what if I decide I want to host a dang ol' experimental comic or something?

Why did they make a sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet?

No, the answer to that one is obvious, they wanted money.

Better question: why did they decide to go with "Sherlock Gnomes" as the name of said sequel?


(I am aware it's an actual type of helm, but it's fun to have fun)