Some of the best metal videos are ones where the band is clearly just having fun making faces at the camera.

@Aros Other good stuff:

- vampires, especially baroque-ass Vampire Hunter D/Castlevania-style ones where they're supernatural powerhouses. not as big on sparklevamps, personally, but I'm a big Alucard fan, so I GET it. also demonizing things primarily the domain of young/teenage girls sucks

- werecreatures, especially if they aren't any specific KIND of animal when they shift but are just a nebulous "beast"

- sharply-dressed men in suits who are clearly supernatural but you're not sure how

@irisjaycomics (this is obviously a potential in for some awful gender-essentialist stuff but so's the default prompt, really. just change the prompt to "REALLY COOL STUFF" and there's still room for cool ladies and cool creatures and cool ladies who are creatures)

@irisjaycomics Give us monsters AS dames. Show me the penanggalan with her viscera in curlers as she prepares for a new evening of terrorizing others, or a shoggoth who isn't sure if she should even bother with heels, or Foul Bachelorette Surinam Toad.

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Thanks to autocorrect for helping create a new in joke for bad road and travel conditions: "bug fart road yikes"

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Today's 's passion isn't graphic design, but it WILL do it for money.

Read from the start!

Issue 2 from the beginning:

Issue 3 begins November 5th!

@Aros This is DIFFICULT. I always loved dragons ever since I was small and feel like they still have a lot of potential as story-defining figures (friendly or otherwise), but they aren’t quite as much of an instant sell for me these days.

I love my Rhoanish, obviously! I’d definitely consider them monsters despite the text clearly stating they don’t see themselves this way; it’s one of those “let me show you my PowerPoint slides to elaborate” definitions.

Also, manticores!

@irisjaycomics Like if one year they just want to remove the “and” that’d be interesting. Or if there’s a “stale themes list” you either aren’t allowed to choose from or have to pay to use.

Meat Robot Beauty Pageant Show more

Meat Robot Beauty Pageant Show more

Meat Robot Beauty Pageant Show more

@irisjaycomics @ComputerHusband I don't have a super-strong longing for too many frames at the moment so my logic was finding which ones are the least fun to get "legit" and just...not do that. Because eight blueprints (seven vagainias)? No thanks.

@irisjaycomics @ComputerHusband Oh good GRIEF no, I actually looked at the plat I'd bought with my absurdly good coupon and asked CH "which frame is the most obnoxious frickin' thing to get that I can buy right now?" and that was the top slot.

Oh dang I could do a warf beauty pageant thread since my laptop runs the space robot game, I'll do my three current friends here in a sec.

@irisjaycomics @ComputerHusband Oh absolutely, I will try to bring frames I'm not garbo with (read: Equinox, I SUCK AT EQUINOX SO MUCH RIGHT NOW) for such good times! I'm also training a Shade companion so I can be a stealth revival unit if needed.

Also I promise to take better pictures of me beautiful warfs later, I JUST finished this friggin' download and I need to go driving.


(also holy moly it took stankin' FOREVER to download everything onto my laptop, we'll see how well Gross Marrieds Co-Op works later)

There are worse songs to have in your head while working on a story that's a knockoff of a certain gory Victorian horror-action game.

Thank you, Ctrl+F, for letting me see if I was overusing a particular word (I was; I fiddled with one of them and opted not to use another).

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